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The Top Writing Blogs Award was created to provide students with a collection of helpful and encouraging blogs from authors, publishers, book reviewers, writing experts, and talented bloggers. This list is made up of writing blogs that will inspire and teach our student readers to find their writing style and improve their skills, whether the students are writing an essay for Composition 101 or starting their first novel!

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Top 75 Writing Blogs

Miss Snark’s First Victim

Miss Snark’s First Victim is a blog for aspiring authors who seek to improve their writing and critiquing skills. The blog is best known for its Secret Agent contests, which feature a (secret) literary agent who critiques submitted excerpts and chooses winners, and the annual Baker’s Dozen Auction, which features a slew of agents vying for winning entries by – you guessed it – placing bids! Secret Agent contests and the Baker’s Dozen have led to, and continue to lead to, agent signings.

What advice can you offer students aiming to improve their writing acumen?
There is no single writing course or “trick” that will improve your writing skills. To write well, one must read well (that is, read good writing), write copiously, and continually seek and respond to critique from other writers. Writing well is a journey of continual growth; if you are willing to embark on that journey for the long haul, the time and effort you have invested will be reflected in your work. Without fail.

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A Writer’s Life with Liz Fielding

My blog, A Writer’s Life, is a gossipy chat about writing, living, and friendship. It’s a place to share what I’m doing and exchange experiences with friends, readers, and writers.

What advice can you offer students aiming to improve their writing acumen?
Read widely in the genre you wish to write. Even in romantic fiction there are wide variations from Regency Historical, to ‘romcom’ contempories, to hot Vampires. You need to find the area that you love best and will feel most comfortable writing. Write for yourself first; if you don’t enjoy your story, the chances are that no one else will. Don’t expect to be perfect from day one. Like every skill, you’ll improve with practice.

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Unwritten is a blog written by a full-time mama masquerading as an author in my spare time. You’ll meet other authors who I interrogate ruthlessly with my notorious random questions. Book reviews come fairly often, as well as writing contests and giveaways. There’s something for everyone!

What advice can you offer students aiming to improve their writing acumen?
Writing is work; know your limits, take care of you, and remember that attitude is everything. Read Unwritten’s full answer by clicking here.

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