eCollegeFinder Technology Blog Award

In the twenty first century, technology has become deeply intertwined in everything we do. We are constantly upgrading our gadgets to more efficiently complete our work, broaden our experience in our play, and get the most out of our education.

To celebrate and embrace the technological leaps our students have been able to take advantage of in the last few decades, we present the Top 50 Technology Blogs Award. This list offers 50 great blogs from around the web that provide readers with information on the most up to date gadgets and scientific advances out there.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our nominees for participating!

To our readers: we hope that as you browse, you learn as much about new technology as we did while putting this list together! Click around, get your geek fix, and let us know which blog was your favorite by emailing

Top 50 Technology Blogs