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The engineering world brims with career opportunities; technical problems are inevitable despite the constant advancement in today’s society. Engineers’ problem solve, calculate and innovate through practical application of calculus and physics to quell problems with machines, electrical flow, aeronautical devices and everything in between. In engineering, two main distinctions exist: material and civil. Civil deals more with machine processes and materials with the physics of actual elements (i.e.: ceramics). Specific engineering concentrations include: biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, and environmental engineering amongst others.

Engineering applies practical math and science to the abounding technical problems in the real world. From manufacturing and construction to nanotechnology, engineers test, develop, create, repair, and maintain products and systems to ensure safety, reliability and functionality. Those working for federal or governmental agencies must obtain certification and/or licensing. Thus, beyond the requisite courses in math, physics, computer science, information technology and engineering, prospective engineers should expect to take courses in legal issues, business ethics, and safety guidelines. Many engineers often obtain their J.D (law degree) to become patent lawyers who specialize in the marketing/protecting of intellectual property such as acquiring patents for inventions.

The national projection for engineering jobs looks to be about 11 percent for the coming decade; within certain subdivisions, however, anticipated growth remains higher. Biomedical engineering, which markets and develops new medicine/medical technology, anticipates a 21 percent increase in jobs. Salaries fluctuate within the field of engineering, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting an average of $75,000 for agricultural engineers and $107,000 for ceramic engineers. Considering the demand for biomedical engineers, degree holders in this field command a considerable salary.

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