PhD Degrees in Public Health

If you have a passion for health advocacy and for improving the status quo in general, an online PhD in healthcare may appeal to your intellect and spirit. Careers in health science and medical science are in high demand, and as our population continues to grow and age the demand will only increase. PhDs in the healthcare arena do the groundwork and research to help educate others in the field—as well as the public—about how to best maintain health and the environment.

Degree programs from the top online schools are ideal for both part and full-time students as distance programs offer schedule flexibility. Requirements and curricula vary between programs, however, standard coursework would likely include: program and policy evaluation, analytic methods for public health practice, health economics and financial management and law, ethics for public health leaders, analyzing policy and case studies, developing legislative proposals/ new practice interventions and designing/ implementing public health programs. A dissertation on a specialized topic of choice, supplemented by the requisite research, completes the program.

Accredited online colleges offer online public health PhDs with specializations in community health, epidemiology, community health education and health promotion. Whether you seek employment with a think tank, a non-for-profit or as an academic, a PhD in heathcare is required to both advance professionally and fully develop your academic interests.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an increase in job opportunities within the public health field as concerns over responsible living, healthcare and sustainability increase in mainstream society. The Medical Group Management Association reports that as of 2004 many public health administrators had an average salary of $132,955.

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