PhD in Public Administration

An online PhD in public administration provides a focused, in-depth study of specific, civically-related issues. From government and public policy to emergency response and public safety, students gain deep, academic comprehension of issues in public administration. To fully prepare for a supervising position in public administration, students choose a focus related to their professional passion, complete the requisite research and compile their dissertation in order to graduate. PhDs readily enter the workforce in upper-level positions in the political, non-profit and community arenas.

In accredited online phd programs in public administration, topics include organizational behavior, management theories, government agencies, human resources administration, financial administration, law and ethics, current affairs and grant writing. Equipped with a PhD in Public Administration, one can manage city, state or federal agencies, hold political office or enter academia. Others elect to direct think tanks or non-profit organizations. As major corporations recognize and value the commitment and rigor involved in completing a doctorate, PhDs enjoy bright job prospects. Furthermore, as public government expands in size and scope, greater jobs exist for those with expertise in public administration. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for public administration employees has increased at the state and municipal levels. Similarly, as certain parts of the public sector become privatized, a private need for public administrators has increased.

Coursework consists of core classes, electives and methods in research. Some programs also require comprehensive examinations. D.P.A. programs often have a specialization such as management science, organizational behavior, implementation, non-profit management, public finance, national security, defense policy, education policy, environmental policy, international trade and immigration, policy making, policy evaluation, program evaluation, criminal justice, civil rights, health and welfare, federalism, strategic management, public health, administrative law, social welfare, tax policy, government-business relations, economic policy, public management, etc. The average doctoral degree holder in the United States makes $100,511, but this can vary significantly depending on job, location, experience, skills, and sector.

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