PhD Degrees in Culinary Arts

If you’re immersed in the world of professional cooking and wish to take your career to the max, consider earning a PhD in culinary arts. Through eCollegefinder, you can find the ideal online program to polish your culinary skills. With a doctorate in your art, you’ll be a field expert qualified to take on supervisory positions in the restaurant world. Through advanced training and the writing of a dissertation, you will concentrate on techniques and material that most inspires you; and eventually your research on your particular passions and interests will transform you from talented and creative student to master of culinary arts. Upon completion of the PhD, you’ll find yourself poised to tackle whatever job you fancy—be it as head chef, restaurant manager, pastry chef or beyond.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that the coming decade will herald in 2 million new jobs in the restaurant industry. A complex and competitive field, a doctorate demonstrates not only your enthusiasm, but it also speaks to your comprehensive understanding of the art.

Degree programs from accredited online colleges will flexibly work into your professional life so you can earn a degree as your schedule permits. As you earn your PhD from a respected university, you’ll forge connections with top contacts in the field who can later provide references and recommendations as you seek to establish yourself professionally. Doctoral programs vary depending on the candidate’s interests; however, most provide training in: food preparation, purchasing, sanitation, employee management, menu planning, baking/pastry arts, wine and beverages, nutrition and food science, human resource management in a hospitality setting, cost control, quality improvement as well as artistic presentation. Doctoral programs graduate industry visionaries and leaders who have developed focus, direction and both short-term and long-term financial strategies for growth.

Given the competitive nature of the culinary world, it’s easy to see why a PhD from one of the top online schools would serve any ambitious individual. A PhD signals intellectual dedication. It reveals sincere engagement with the material beyond the surface level. Finally, a PhD provides stable employment opportunities. No matter where your career takes you, teaching remains a viable choice for those endowed with a PhD. If they choose not to teach, many PhDs find work as: hotel or restaurant executives, executive chefs, convention directors, nutritionists or as a food/beverage purchasing manager. Some PhDs tend more towards the entrepreneurial aspects of the industry and in turn open/operate their own businesses.

Advance in your field today and enroll in an online PhD degree program in Culinary Arts and take the next step to becoming a higher profile culinary artist.

PhD Degrees in Culinary Arts