PhD Degrees in Computer Technology

Computers—and all the related technologies—dominate today’s world. Current career guides suggest that jobs in systems administration and information technology are vast, coveted and well-compensated. An advanced degree in Computer Science promises not only career opportunities, but also marketable skills that can be easily transferred to any number of vocations.

Online doctoral programs in computer technology include coursework in network management, information security, information systems, information technology, software development, database management, web development, electrical engineering, network design technologies, software engineering, computer graphics, database concepts and algorithms. Specific courses and requirements vary depending on one’s concentration and program.

Computer technology jobs are consistently in high demand; and whether you already work in the field or seek to enter it, accredited online PhD programs will immerse you in the necessary academics without forcing you to sacrifice your current personal and/or professional work life. Most programs require the completion of a dissertation which includes the presentation of one’s cumulative research. Endowed with a PhD, one can work as a: chief information officer, management information systems director, senior systems analyst, top network administrator information systems manager or a database administrator.

Completion of a PhD degree program equips graduates with the requisite knowledge and practical skills to apply to a large scope of technological issues. Most mid to large companies employ system administrators so that their computer systems run smoothly. These jobs tend to command considerable salaries—averaging around $100,000 a year. PhD degree programs from accredited online colleges allow motivated professionals to earn the academic and practical skills needed for promotion without having to leave the workforce.

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