PhD Degrees in Engineering

An online PhD degree grants you ‘expert status’ in your focused, chosen specialty within the engineering world. The highest degree attainable, a PhD opens up jobs and opportunities; namely within academia and similarly structured research institutions and think-tanks.

Depending on one’s intended focus, engineering PhD programs will require either a masters or bachelors degree in an engineering discipline. If you enter a doctoral program with only your bachelors, expect the program to take 5-7 years (for full-time students) to complete your degree versus 4-6 for full-time candidates who already hold their masters degree. Regardless of one’s degree, doctoral candidates must possess intellectual inquiry and passion as the PhD track can take anywhere from four to eight years—sometimes longer if pursued part-time. For graduation, completion of a dissertation chronicling all of one’s cumulative, doctoral research is required. Furthermore, candidates must present their dissertation in a formal “defense” before a board of advisors, teachers and colleagues in the field.

Upon completing your engineering PhD, you will emerge an authority in your field. The formal designation of PhD—and the subsequent expertise it implies—is required for teaching/research positions within universities and colleges. PhDs who do not wish to follow the academic route can acquire jobs as researchers or act as consultants/managers in private engineering firms. Pay for new PhDs generally exceeds the starting salaries for masters degree holders; and while salaries fluctuate for each specialty, PhDs generally command salaries between $80,000 to $100,000.

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PhD Degrees in Engineering