Bachelors Degrees in Engineering

Consider an online engineering Bachelor’s degree to gain the knowledge needed to succeed in the engineering industry. Most entry-level, full-time engineering positions require a Bachelors degree.

The first half of the online degree program includes core liberal arts and science courses. Course are designed to build analytical and communication skills as well as a technical foundation upon which all of engineering hinges. The final two years focus on coursework related to the chosen engineering field and the related career training.

Because engineering is the application of math and science to real world problems, specialists in this industry tackle everything from manufacturing issues and construction quandaries to nanotechnology glitches. Programs prepare students to combat not all these general issues, but rather, the relevant issues in their particular field of engineering. Specific engineering concentrations open to bachelors candidates include: biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, and environmental engineering amongst others.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the biomedical engineering job sector will grow by 72% in the decade ending in 2018, while the engineering sector as a whole is predicated to grow by 11%. As of May 2008, private sector engineering jobs ranged in mean potential salary from $68,730 for Aerospace Engineers to $108,020 for Petroleum Engineers. In the Federal Government, the range increased to $81,805 in agricultural engineering to $126,788 in ceramic engineering.

As with all online degree programs, convenience and flexibility are the hallmarks of earning a degree from accredited online colleges and universities. Another bonus of e-learning is its affordability in comparison to ground programs; affordability that also allows you to work full or part time, live your life, and never sacrifice a quality education.

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Bachelors Degrees in Aviation Technology

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Bachelors Degrees in Engineering