PhD Degrees in Business

Today—no matter what one pursues—there’s no escaping the “business” side of things. As technology evolves and moves business more online, it’s important to possess both computer skills as well as a classical business background. Today, experience alone, however, does not suffice. One needs the academic and theoretical background to truly prepare for the global business market. As MBAs become increasingly more prevalent amongst those working in the business world, earning a doctorate (DBA) remains the best way for the truly ambitious entrepreneur to distinguish himself. In 2004, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average CEO’s salary as $140,350. As this kind of compensation is highly coveted, competition for such positions is higher than ever. Elevate your chances of snagging your dream job with the top degree in the field from one of our accredited online colleges.

Online doctoral programs in business offer several concentrations such as: business administration, sports management, human resource management, IT management and technology management. Whether you seek to start your own business or become a CEO, an online DBA affords you tremendous flexibility by allowing you to finish your academic work on your own timeframe.

DBA classes taken through any of the top online schoolsemphasize management philosophies, business risks, managerial practices and the relationship between technology and business. Often times, a cumulative project or dissertation is required for completion of the degree. Finally, no degree can guarantee job or salary security in the global landscape, however, with such a high level of education, you’ll stand ready to rise the ranks or trail-blaze your own path with the skills honed in your PhD program.

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