Online Bachelors Degrees in Psychology

Since the human mind is a fascinating, complex, mysterious entity, people will always probe and question what makes humans do what they do. A deep understanding of the human condition transfers to a number of fields and can set the foundation for advanced degrees in counseling. An online bachelors degree in psychology is also a great entry way into pre-school education, sports coaching, advertising, hospitals, office managing, sales and beyond.

Online Psychology bachelors degree programs offer degrees in fields such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and sport psychology. Coursework varies depending on one’s concentration and program, however, the psychology major can expect to study introductory psychology, basic neuroscience, learning styles, behavior and the brain, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, public speaking, composition, and other humanistic disciplines.

In a convenient degree program offered by one of our top online colleges, you can plan your class schedule to suit other commitments. Devote yourself to both your education and prior obligations at the pace that best fits you.

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