Online Bachelors Degrees in Culinary Arts

If you’re passionate about food and enjoy pleasing others, a career in the culinary arts may appease your taste-buds.

If you’re already working in the food service industry or another sector, but want to pursue a culinary career, look into our online bachelors programs in the culinary arts. eCollegeFinder offers the top online schools and degree programs that flexibly work into your schedule so you can earn a degree on your terms.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that, in the coming decade, there will be more than 2 million new jobs in the restaurant industry. A highly competitive field, those who wish to succeed in the business know they need not only hone their natural skills, but also demonstrate potential to future employers and backers. As the food industry grows rapidly, a culinary arts degree will land work as chefs, restaurant managers, sous chefs and the like.

In an online culinary program, you’ll study things like: food preparation, purchasing, sanitation, employee management, menu planning, baking/pastry arts, wine and beverages as well as artistic presentation. Online bachelors degrees in the culinary arts foster a thorough understanding of the classic and modern cooking techniques all while studying cost-control, food safety, and nutrition. Students will also develop their writing and language skills to fully immerse themselves in the history and traditions of the culinary world.

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Bachelors Degrees in Culinary Arts