Bachelors Degrees in Human Services

In an online undergraduate program focusing on human services, you’ll study a wide array of service-related topics. These all-encompassing studies will prepare you well for various careers in counseling, non-profit administration and social services.

Coursework for this degree often includes courses such as introduction to human services, written composition, abnormal psychology, crisis handling, and developmental psychology.

Upon graduation, individuals find they can effectively counsel both individuals and groups, help secure funding for organizations, and comprehend the legal and ethical implications of social work. For those who enjoy working with and for others, human services training provides a great background for further law or business study or for a future career in public policy or politics. Graduates emerge read to utilize community resources, refine public policy and promote cultural awareness through leadership skills garnered from rigorous yet practical academics.

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Bachelors Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy

Bachelors Degrees in General Human Services