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For those dedicated to social justice and enraptured by academic study, a doctorate in legal studies could prove not only stimulating, but could also catalyze an exciting legal career. A doctorate in law prepares one for a career as an: appraiser, attorney, auditor, bar examiner, contract writer, court clerk, insurance claim adjuster, judge, law clerk or mediator.

By studying the legal system, you’ll encounter coursework in government, current affairs, economics and other judicially related topics. Unless you complete a Juris Doctorate (law school) and pass the bar, you will not be authorized to practice law; however, a doctorate (PhD) will provide the clout to function in other respected positions within the field whether as a legal researcher or professor. Other career tracks include corrections administration and forensic analysis. Those drawn to the field of criminal justice can study law enforcement, the corrections system, judges and juries, defense, sentencing and probation. Regardless of one’s academic focus, accredited online phd programs in legal studies all emphasize legal analysis, writing and drafting and legal research.

The Doctor of Legal Studies (PhD) aims to develop students’ understanding of current laws and policy arguments so they can analyze these arguments and present their own interpretations in written and verbal form. Many doctoral programs are tailored to the individual by the student and his advisor. Such flexibility ensures that your intellectual passion and curiosity will be fully cultivated in your graduate studies.

Core classes in most doctoral programs includes: foundations of business law, human rights law, international business, public law, judicial process, global business environments, law and courts, coastal and maritime law, law and society in historical perspective, antitrust policies, civil rights law and industrial organization. To be granted the doctorate, one must develop and complete a dissertation in addition to completing the required coursework.

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