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Since the human mind is a fascinating, complex and mysterious entity, people have long questioned how it works: what makes humans behave and operate as they do. Because of this, there are a plethora of sub-fields in psychology and doctoral programs vary greatly depending on one’s focus. Common concentrations include: clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, industrial psychology and sports psychology. Specific coursework depends on one’s focus and her subsequent doctoral research. Commonalities include advanced coursework in research methods, statistics and clinical procedures.

Career opportunities in with an online psychology PhD abound, ranging from the traditional clinical positions to educational and private-practice settings. Recently, new branches of psychology have gained prevalence due to societal change and demand. Such specialties include organizational psychology, forensic psychology and sports psychology. Through a combination of coursework, research and practical application, students gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding of psychological theory and therapeutic approaches in counseling.

eCollegeFinder offers the best accredited online colleges and online phd programs that are designed for full-time students and working professionals alike. Thus, no matter your schedule, you can devote all your energies to your studies without compromising other life obligations. For completion of the degree, one must complete his dissertation in addition to any clinical requirements and coursework.

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