eCollegeFinder Student Publication Award

eCollegeFinder is an online education portal committed to excellence in education. The Top 50 Student Publications Award recognizes student publications that offer an exceptional and informative print or online publication to their college or university. This award also seeks to be a resource for students as they better themselves through education and exposure to the world. In today’s world of high-pace information, student newspapers offer valuable local and national information with a creative and professional twist.

Words and perspectives vary across geographic, cultural, and educational lines. Therefore, the power of the written word should never be underestimated. By reading and processing written materials, we become more informed about our world as well as those around us. These life lessons are enabled in part by the recognized publications.

We encourage you to visit each publication’s website to learn important information about other schools, engage in the wider cultural discussions, and to become a more informed citizen of the world. Also, check out eCollegeFinder’s accredited online degree programs for the right degree program for you.

Top 50 Student Publications