Student Testimonials

Working a full time job didn’t give me the option of going back to school to get my Master’s degree in health care management. I looked all over the Internet for an online program that fit what I was looking for. simplified my search and matched me with the schools that offered a program that fit my schedule. – Anna H., Lancaster, PA

I had been in the same field for 10 years, and found my interest slowly slipping away. I needed a career change but I didn’t have the time or money to go back to school full time. As I was surfing around the Internet for options, I found It was a simple and easy way to find exactly what I was looking for with just a few clicks. – Dave B., Mountainview, CA

Juggling my family and trying to go back to school wasn’t going to happen. I looked into getting a degree online to accommodate my busy schedule. made finding a degree easy. I searched for possible degree options in business management and found a school immediately. Now I’m still taking care of my family, but I’m finishing my education too. – Meredith C., Brooklyn, NY

After college I went right to work but I knew that if I wanted to get ahead I would need to supplement my undergraduate degree. Instead of taking time off from work or quitting my current job altogether, I found a program that allowed me to keep a steady income and earn a degree online. made it easy to find exactly what I was looking for to get started. – Sara V., Greensboro, NC

Online education was the best option for me to support my family, further my career and finish my education. made finding a school fast and easy without the hassle of searching all over the Internet. I knew would connect me with accredited online universities with programs that would fit my needs. – Joseph M., Cary, NC