Resume Advice

Ok, so you’ve earned your degree. Now what? Using your degree to find the job of your dreams is a process. Building an effective resume to highlight your abilities and experience will help to set you apart from the competition.

A resume is a self marketing tool. With a resume, employers can see, at a glance, how you will contribute to their company. Your resume should include:

  • Contact Information: name, address, phone number/mobile number and e-mail address
  • An Objective: Clearly state the position you are looking for.
  • Work Experience and/or Work History: Start with the most recent and work your way back.
  • Education and Training: Again, start with the most recent and work your way back.
  • Activities, Organizations or Community Service: Address these interests broadly and think if their inclusion is necessary to the job you are applying to.
  • References Available Upon Request: Keep this statement at the bottom of your resume. But attach a reference page with no less than three, no more than 5 contacts to your resume whenever you send or hand it out.

Things to Remember when writing your resume:

  • Emphasize two or three strong qualities that make you a good candidate for the position you are applying to.
  • Highlight each quality with accomplishments that exemplify the qualities.
  • Use active speech when listing past job responsibilities.
  • Quantify and add value wherever applicable.

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