Additional Student Resources

Below are resources that offer additional information for college students about distance learning and education in general.

  • U.S. Department of Education - Find information about financial aid policy, research and data on U.S. based schools, current educational issues and equal education opportunities.
  • ePrep - Prepare for college admission exams with ePrep's easy and effective test preparation methods.
  • Teen College Education - Advice for current high school students and what to expect for college.
  • Lenny Laskowski - The leading expert on public speaking and National Best Selling author of, “10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking”
  • Education Resources Information Center - The world's largest digital library of education literature.
  • MLA Guide - A guide for writing research papers based on Modern Language Association (MLA) documentation.
  • oChemPal - An A-to-Z guide to the rich vocabulary of organic chemistry. Designed for undergraduate students studying organic chemistry, it is intended to be complementary to the lectures and the textbook.
  • Digital History - An extensive collection of reference materials to assist you in the study of American history. Includes biographical directories, chronologies, glossaries, interactive timeliness and annotated guides.
  • Pursuing Career Success - A career advice site that provides tips, tools and advise for newbies pursuing career success. Visit to download their high quality ebooks.
  • Creative Helps - Resources for the creative community, including freelance, books and other tools for career success.
  • Nursing CEUs with Free CEUs - Nursing CEUs with Free CEUs that are state approved.
  • The Art List - The Art World's Source for Art Contests, Art Competitions, and Opportunities For Visual Artists and Photographers.
  • The Credential Evaluation Institution - Curriculum & Program Evaluator for U.S. regional and national accreditation.
  • College of Public Speaking - Launching in July 2011, The College of Public Speaking's Online Diploma in Public Speaking will revolutionise the distance learning options for advanced spoken English.
  • MCAT preparation online - TestPrep-Online offers practice tests and study guides for the MCAT, GMAT, and LSAT tests, including useful information and free practice resources.
  • Dr. Jerry - The world's foremost Certified Professional Résumé and CV Writer.
  • - is the Speakers Bureau of EcoIQ. EcoIQ works to expand the audience for the valuable ideas and good work of speakers, authors, journalists, researchers, photographers, videographers, documentary producers and publishers who focus on the transition to a more sustainable future.