Best Online Masters Programs

Online master's degree programs, often two-years in duration, offer advanced, specialized study of a field after you've earned an online bachelor's degree in a related field. The best online master's degree programs provide you with the specific knowledge and vocational expertise required of mid- to upper-level professionals. Master's degrees from the top online schools speak of a your drive and commitment to a particular field — quite literally, the ‘mastery’ of a specialized material. The advanced work explored at the graduate level gives you the expertise that sets you apart from the competition. A masters degree also ensures higher pay. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the average weekly salary for a master's degree holder is $1,129, almost $200 more than an individual with solely a bachelor's degree.

Most master's degrees are either a Master of Arts (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.S.). Most accredited online colleges offer specific programs like a Master of Public Health (MPH) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Typically an online masters program requires a formal thesis or project of similar scope for completion of the degree program.

If you are undecided between earning another Master's degree or pursuing a PhD, check out our online PhD programs before making a decision!

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