Online Masters Degrees in Culinary Arts

If the world of professional cooking entices you, further your career with a convenient, online program guaranteed to elevate your culinary skills and expand your horizons. Equipped with a masters degree, you’ll be set to take on supervisory positions in the restaurant world—a highly competitive field. With advanced training, you can specialize in areas and techniques that most inspire you and highlight your individual talents. Such specialization sets you up for highly skilled and coveted positions, like head chef, restaurant manager or pastry chef.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that there will be more than 2 million new jobs in the restaurant industry in the coming decade. To succeed in this competitive business, students must hone their natural skills and demonstrate their marketability to future employers and backers. As the food industry grows rapidly, degree holders can rest assured that their education and innovation will steadily land them work as chefs, restaurant managers, sous chefs and much more.

Accredited online degree programs work into your professional schedule so that you can earn a masters degree on your terms.

In an online, culinary masters program, you’ll study subjects like:

  • food preparation
  • employee management
  • human resource management
  • menu planning
  • baking / pastry arts
  • wine and beverages
  • artistic presentation
  • nutrition / food science
  • purchasing
  • sanitation
  • cost control
  • quality improvement

By the time students reach the graduate level in culinary arts, they will have already trained in the necessary industry skills. As a result, the best online masters programs in this field are theory driven. Graduate programs help aspiring culinary artists develop focus, provide direction with short and long-term planning and develop financial strategies for growth.

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