eCollegeFinder Music and Arts Enthusiast Award

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In 2001, The College Entrance Examination Board found those students involved with music appreciation outscored their counterparts by 63 points on the verbal portion of the examination and 44 points higher on mathematics. These types of statistics should be kept in the mind while our nation’s legislative body decides whether or not to strengthen the arts education curriculum within our federal educational policy.

As music and arts education organizations, professionals and advocates rally to support their causes in education and elsewhere, we at eCollegeFinder want to support their causes by giving voice to the best on the Internet.

The Top 75 Music & Arts Enthusiasts award recognizes the websites that best represent the voice of music and arts in both culture and education. Browse the websites below, read their descriptions and how music and/or arts has inspired them over the years.

Top 75 Music and Arts Enthusiasts