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In 2001, The College Entrance Examination Board found those students involved with music appreciation outscored their counterparts by 63 points on the verbal portion of the examination and 44 points higher on mathematics. These types of statistics should be kept in the mind while our nation’s legislative body decides whether or not to strengthen the arts education curriculum within our federal educational policy.

As music and arts education organizations, professionals and advocates rally to support their causes in education and elsewhere, we at eCollegeFinder want to support their causes by giving voice to the best on the Internet.

The Top 75 Music & Arts Enthusiasts award recognizes the websites that best represent the voice of music and arts in both culture and education. Browse the websites below, read their descriptions and how music and/or arts has inspired them over the years.

Music & Arts

24 Usable Hours

Description of 24 Usable Hours: 24 Usable Hours is where numbers meet art. Chockfull of statistics, graphs, and wonky research papers, Devon Smith discusses digital and social media in the arts.

Advice to Artists: "I have been an arts fan all my life, but it wasn't until college that I realized the arts could also be a legitimate profession. Since then, I've worked with dozens of arts organizations across the country; their creativity, dedication, and missions continuously inspire me."

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A Journey Round my Skull

Description of A Journey Round my Skull:Thought provoking graphical representations, described in French.

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A Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada

Description of A Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada:My blog is intended to present the culture of Canada as seen through the visual arts. It draws from the art of the native community, and from those who have migrated to Canada throughout its history. The blog features for the most part, the vision of painters, architects,sculpturers, carvers, film makers and photographers. It is also interactive insomuch as it gives artists an opportunity to present their interpretations of their works.

Advice to Artists:The generousity of artists in sharing their vision, has helped make me a more generous man with my talents and gifts. I have followed this generous legacy by donating my talents within my work whenever possible.

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Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment

Description of Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment: My personal adventures and experiences in pursuing enterainment of all sorts, particularly live performance wherever and however I can find it.

Advice to Artists: My advocation of attending and celebrating performing artists and the arts inspires me to be kinder, more peaceful and more creative in my vocation. I enjoy being a patron and advocate so that more people may enjoy the arts.

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Alberti's Window

Description of Alberti's Window: An art history blog that contains anecdotes, news, trivia, exhibition reviews, interesting facts, and stuff that you might not have learned in college.

Advice to Artists: As an educator and art historian, the arts continually inspire me in my professional career! I love that one can never finish learning (or cease to be inspired by) art.

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Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog

Description of Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog: An online sketchbook by British illustrator and professional doodler Andrea Joseph.

Advice to Artists: In search of music and art my whole life has been.

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Art and Architecture, mainly

Description of Art and Architecture, mainly:The blog investigates history, in particular the history of fine arts, decorative arts and architecture. The focus is on Britain and the British Empire, Europe and North America, during the 1640-1940 era.

Advice to Artists:I am an academic in art history and would normally keep up to date with the field via publishing my own papers and reading other academics' papers. Finding academic blogs has broadened the range of arts that I read about and reduced the length of articles to be covered. I am inspired.. and grateful.

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Art For Small Hands

Description of Art For Small Hands: What children know about art, grown artists are at pains to recapture. This is the joy of teaching art to children. It is also the great challenge. This website is for any adult — teachers, parents — looking for step-by-step guidance in how to instruct and develop, without overwhelming or dampening, the artist inside every child.

Advice to Artists: One of the pleasures of teaching is introducing children to the world of great art. While we use these works to inspire and motivate the children, it is important that we teach in a way that allows them to retain their own visions of creativity.

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Art Fully Yours

Description of Art Fully Yours: Art Fully Yours is a blog about artists and their lives, a bit about how art is all around you, and the way a full-time art historian experiences art in real life.

Advice to Artists: As an art history student (now out of school) you could say art has completely ruled my life since the moment I found it. There is something magical about the ways in which a simple color field painting can take you into unknown journeys through your imagination. I like writing about art, scholarly and otherwise, because it helps channel my constant thoughts about art and the world around us as art. Art is simply a rush of energy for me.

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Art History Rag

Description of Art History Rag: The aim of this Art History blog is to help keep busy people in constant touch with what's new and what is going on in the world of arts. It's hoped that they will then get the same enjoyment and inspiration that I do out of being able to access a site hoping to cover the latest exhibitions, events, ideas, trends and news, particularly in the UK. Updates of particular art prizes takes place as does analyzing and questioning of the latest exhibitions, trends and ideas in the art world. I want people to realise how important art is in keeping the soul and mind stimulated into new positive thought processes and keeps us aware and is representative of our history and in turn identity.

Advice to Artists: Since I was young art and music have always been my two main passions and I have always wanted them to become a vocation stemmed from a true passion. I truly feel art history is crucial to learning and keeping the soul alive, it's all I've ever wanted to do. The marking of history by artists throughout time is both stimulating to the senses and also to the interrogative, analyzing mind. Deciphering messages in paintings and more conceptual works from the past and present enables us to record history from human experience emotionally and factually. Art and music can also lift the emotions to so many places and connect us on a universal level symbolically unlike other things.

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Art or Idiocy?

Description of Art or Idiocy: I began this site in 2004 as a way to immediately engage in and further the discourse on contemporary art through writing and reporting. The focus of Art or Idiocy? has shifted over there years, but it’s core purpose has always been to promote and discuss art and culture. Mostly written by myself, I also occassionly invite guests contributors.

Advice to Artists: My professional career is the arts. In addition to being a practicing artist I write about it and teach it. It is driving force and guiding principle behind all I do.

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Artists and Ancestors

Description of Artists and Ancestors: This is the largest online collection of miniature portraits on the Internet. It includes American, British, and European miniatures from the 18C to the 20C, with much information on artists and sitters. The collection is a resource for art students, collectors, academics, and museums. Also for genealogists and fashion historians, who can study hairstyles and clothing changing over the centuries. Increasingly, the website focuses on known sitters and offers new views of history, by "stepping through the back of a portrait".

Advice to Artists: Researching sitters in these portraits, together with the ability to research rare texts via the vast "Internet Library", has revealed aspects of history overlooked by historians working in a traditional manner, effectively leap-frogging over their work. These new views of history have resulted in the acceptance of several academic papers, as well as the writing and publishing of a non-fiction ebook; The Real Mr Frankenstein. The ebook demonstrates compelling evidence that a family friend of the Godwin family, Sir Anthony Carlisle, himself wrote Gothic novels, with his literary efforts and his research into muscular motion being inspiration for May Shelley's Frankenstein.

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Description of ArtSmartTalk: ArtSmartTalk is an artist/teacher sharing her passion for and knowledge of art and art history, with occasional posts about visual joys in the world at large. Contemporary art is a special interest, especially when there are connections to the long winding thread of creation across cultures and times.

Advice to Artists: As a visual artist, the arts are my career as well as my life; inspiration comes as a constant flow of ideas and images from the newest local artist to the masters of history, intermixed with my long-held interests in music, theatre, and dance, including my own experience as a choral and gospel singer.

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Description of Bibliodyssey: A collection of books, illustrations, science, history, and materia obscura

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Blog of an Art Admirer and History Lover

Description of Blog of an Art Admirer and History Lover: Blog for Art Lovers: Paintings by Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary Artists, the project which tries to bring in art knowledge closer to people

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Description of Carol Sloane: The website provides complete bio, reviews and discography. I would be pleased if the information it contains would be helpful to anyone who establishes access.

Advice to Artists: Of course. I became interested in the art of jazz singing when I was a teen-ager and the women universally recognized as the most respected were performing and recording regularly. I had unlimited exposure to all of them via television and radio broadcasts. My knowledge grew as I focused on the different styles in an effort to discover what "magic" they possessed and whether I could incorporate their vocal wisdom into my own style.

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Conversations With The Muse

Description of Conversations With The Muse: My life in image and words shared here in daily to weekly entries including art journals, travel sketches, figure studies, collectible paintings and lessons in creative expression and art technique.

Advice to Artists: In conversations with the Muses of art and music I mix paint with vision, collage with story, and word with meditation. Out of the mixture comes a release of energy and healing and a lightening of the load of everyday living. Sharing this experience with others and watching them open up to their own creative energy has become a passionate direction in my life.

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Description of Document: Document is a collection of daily drawings, completed between January 1st, 2010 and today. The 365 project is part of an ongoing attempt to keep my mind limber while working on my Ph.D. and to create a visual record of my life and my experiences.

Advice to Artists: As an academic, I study art history... but I study art history because I am an artist. For me, creating art is necessary to understanding it, and studying it in a historical context allows me to understand what I create in new, complex, and ever-deepening ways. Creating art on a daily basis is also one of the methods I use to break out of traditional thinking patterns; not only does it help me be creative in the world of art, it expands how I think and write about research.

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Education in Music

Description of Education in Music: A site which encompasses many different topics for educators, parents and students alike. It incorporates scientific research, personal opinions, case studies and stories that are used to help the readers in any way they can.

Advice to Artists: Music and the arts are my professional career for the moment, I am a K-5 music educator. I hold a Master of Public Administration degree, and my music background definitely helped me in my work toward it. Music has made me a more open-minded, collaborative person which is able to multi-task and take different views at the same problem. It has also enriched my life in ways I could not possibly put into words.

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Felsen Musick


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Field & Floor

Description of Field & Floor: The two biggest names in pageantry, in review. For eight years online, the site has watched the business and competition of drum and bugle corps and winter guard, with an eye towards the world pageantry overall. From Field&Floor: Dwelling upon excellence is my mission, communicating to the world such things as are worth observation, my passion.

Advice to Artists: I first came to the larger world of pageantry when I was 17 years old. Music and the arts have been a part of my personal, and now professional, lives since then; informing my writing style and approach, which underscores the basis of my work in non-profit marketing, communications, and public relations.

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Free Jazz Blog

Description of Free Jazz Blog: Daily reviews of recent and upcoming free jazz, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz from around the world.

Advice to Artists: How has music and the arts inspired me : open-mindedness, different perspectives, creativity, and especially through jazz specifiaclly : team work.

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Ghostmap Microwave

Description of Ghostmap Microwave: Ghostmap began as a way to explore questions about visual art, philosophy, and mythology. The blog then became a review site for local contemporary art exhibitions. I would go to art shows and write what I saw and learned. It became much more popular than I ever imagined in the beginning, and now I've taken my writing on to bigger projects.

Advice to Artists: I have created a online publication called BURNAWAY ( I am the founding editor, and we have organized a Board of Directors who have helped us set up the organization as a nonprofit. As our budget continues to grow through fundraising and grants, being an art critic is becoming my full-time job.

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How a Poem Happens

Description of How a Poem Happens : How a Poem Happens is an online anthology of interviews with poets. The format is simple. The blog editor chooses a single poem, asks the poet to answer ten to fifteen questions about the poem, and posts those questions and answers on the blog, along with the poem and a brief bio of the poet. A new interview is posted every week.

Advice to Artists: Brian Brodeur is a poet whose first book, Other Latitudes (2008), won the University of Akron Press’s 2007 Akron Poetry Prize. So the Night Cannot Go on Without Us (2007) won the Fall 2006 White Eagle Coffee Store Press Poetry Chapbook Award. Recent poems and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in Gettysburg Review, Margie, The Missouri Review, Verse Daily, The Minnesota Review, and Pleiades.

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Illicit Cultural Property

Description of Illicit Cultural Property: A weblog about art, antiquities and the law

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Inadvertently Art

Description of Inadvertently Art: Inadvertently Art is a blog dedicated to making art and art history topics that can be discussed easily. With short blog posts, the blog desires to make art knowledge accessible and understandable to the average person, not just the art enthusiast. Art doesn't have to be something that is described with great intellect and Inadvertently Art hopes to spark conversation and inspire.

Advice to Artists: The arts has sparked my entire career path and my passion for art history in particular has inspired me to make the field more "user friendly." Art applies to everyone and the history of art can inspire anyone to do something great.

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Ion Arts


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Description of IonaScribe: I am continually inspired by the monks of Iona who, centuries ago, created some of the world's most beautiful illuminated manuscripts. This blog serves as my own scriptorium where I share my artwork in progress and contemplate art history, culture, and Catholic theology.

Advice to Artists: I've always been captivated by the ability of the arts to communicate to people on a different level than just text and words, and to connect people across cultures and time periods. I studied animation, worked as a graphic designer, and am now changing direction toward graphic art and fine art. The common thread through all of these stages in my career development has been a journey to find visual forms that most clearly express the ideas I would like to share with the world around me.

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Jana's Journal and Sketchblog

Description of Jana's Journal and Sketchblog: Artist and watercolor teacher Jana Bouc's blog about painting, sketching, learning, and living an artful life in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Jazz Collector

Description of Jazz Collector: Jazz Collector is a site for jazz enthusiasts and, in particular, those who treasure the history, archives, ephemera and, most of all, the music. We write often about jazz records and track the market for original jazz vinyl. The site is a vibrant community of jazz collectors, where we share our passion and enthusiasm, and sometimes our obsession.

Advice to Artists: I started as a jazz journalist and moved into another area of journalism quite early in my career, where I had nice success. Starting this site eight years ago has been a return to my roots and a very rewarding endeavor because it has enabled me to write about the music I love and to also find and build a community of those who love the music as well. Being able to appreciate jazz and understand the history of jazz has been a real gift and a source of great joy and comfort in my life.

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Description of JazzProfiles: Articles, book & music reviews, videos, photographs and graphics about leading Jazz artists.

Advice to Artists: It is difficult to imagine life without the joy and contentment that music and the arts bring to it. Both have been a constant source of enrichment and entertainment and have also provided me with inspiration and rejuvenation in my professional career. The JazzProfiles blog provides a new venue in which to apply current technology to serve both art and music in a different context. It is my small way of helping others gain the gift of art and music appreciation.

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Jerry Jazz

Description of Jerry Jazz: A website devoted to jazz and American civilization

Advice to Artists: Through my passion for jazz music I discovered that the music and its associated culture played a significant role in the advancement of American civilization. The advent of the Internet provided me with a platform to expand on this subject in great detail.

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Jessica Duchen's Classical Music Blog

Description of Jessica Duchen's Classical Music Blog: JDCMB: Music and writing, with ginger, in London, UK - independent blog of Independent journalist & author

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John Wilborn, EdS, Music Technology Instructor

Description of John Wilborn, EdS, Music Technology Instructor: This education website is designed to help individuals learn Digital Music with practicality. Based on 21st Century learning, this real-world learning website aids both students and instructors in learning and teaching key music technology concepts.

Advice to Artists: As 28-year veteran choral music teacher, the arts have kept my passion burning for both learning and teaching music. Having taught grades 1-20, I see how multiple intelligences (Gardner, 2003) truly enhance brain functionality. Music is an entity unto itself. Yet, it coincides perfectly with various 21st century learning modalities to encourage individuals to reach their maximum potential in learning on the global level.

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Jonathan Savage: Developing and applying arts educational research

Description of Jonathan Savage: Developing and applying arts educational research: My blog discusses issues in arts education, with a particular focus on music and music education. It draws on a range of research and highlights new approaches to arts education from around the world.

Advice to Artists: My work has been inspired by my love of music and my desire to promote this through developing new approaches to music education. Increasingly, music and arts education are under attack. I hope that my blog spurs others to action in promoting music and the arts across our education institutions.

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Journeys in Art

Description of Journeys in Art: ...explore, showcase, discuss and celebrate art.

Advice to Artists: Art is a eternal study. The more I learn; the more there is to learn. Art has expanded my creativity, enlarged my vision, and increased my understanding.

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Learn the Theory of Music

Description of Learn the Theory of Music: A fantastic resource for the musician, covering basic music theory, tips and techniques such as sight reading, how to practice, choosing the right music software and much much more..

Advice to Artists: Being a professional musician means I have gained a wealth of knowledge over my 30 years in the music field. Knowledge I and more than happy to share with anyone who is thinking of entering the music profession.

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Life Of A Musician - Robin Hill

Description of Life Of A Musician - Robin Hill: Robin Hill is one of the world's finest guitarists who has been performing worldwide for more than 30 years. To learn more about the day to day life of a top musician then read on...

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Description of Listen101: Listen101 focuses on 20th and 21st century concert music as part of a broader effort to return concert music to a place in American intellectual and cultural life. This is done through reviews, links, discussions of hot topics, and, I hope, some humor. In addition, Listen101 looks outside of music. particularly at the other arts, in an effort to find music's place in this rapidly changing environment.

Advice to Artists: Music is my career, but I also have to have employment outside of music. In the other jobs I have and had, I always try to bring creativity and other artistic values into play in whatever I'm doing.

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Description of LondonJazz: Previews, reviews, news and a recommended gig list from London's live jazz sceneand a newsletter/ prize draw every week.. Plus CD reviews The site is updated daily.

Advice to Artists: Without music, life would be a mistake. (Friedrich Nietzsche, Sprüche und Pfeile)

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Making a Mark

Description of Making a Mark: Topics include: drawing, painting, art blogs, visual artists, art competitions, art exhibitions, art history; art techniques and tips; art business and marketing; the art economy and making a mark with pastels, coloured pencils and pen & ink.

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Medieval Wall

Description of Medieval Wall: Medieval Wall is project which tries to bring in understanding and interesting way Middle Ages closer to people. All texts have notes and literature in order to be more credible.

Advice to Artists: From early childhood I had been drawn to arts, at first through drawing and modelling. This affection later outgrew into an area of my professional interest. I experience art as a form of relaxation in this busy world we live in. Through examining arts of older ages, one must wonder what portions of our culture will be in the focus of interest for the future explorers, which is a thought that leads us to contribute it ourselves.

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Music Education Magic

Description of Music Education Magic: Focused on music education and music technology topics, MusicEdMagic provides teachers, their students, and musicians of all kinds with timely and useful information regarding new developments in the world of music education. Other parts of the site also provide access to hundreds of pieces of free sheet music for use in the classroom and detailed product reviews of new music technology tools including digital audio recorders and music education software programs.

Advice to Artists: Working with and teaching beginning musicians how to experience music in a positive and creative way has been the focal point of my entire career. I love watching kids realize their potential and seeing the pride in their eyes as they accomplish their goals and become better musicians.

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Music is Not for Insects

Description of Music is Not for Insects: Music is Not for Insects is a blog about music education, technology and other important things missing from the timeless quote by Lazarus Long, a fictional character created by Robert A. Heinlein: “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

Advice to Artists: From a very early age, I have been inspired by music, so much so, that I became a professional musician and teacher. Whether it’s singing in the choir, or playing in the band, or having fun in a school production, it is my goal to start students on a journey in making music for the rest of their lives with integrity, creativity and joy.

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Music Matters Blog

Description of Music Matters Blog: creative, practical, and up-to-date resources for the independent music teacher.

Advice to Artists: Being involved in music and the arts has inspired me to think about situations creatively. Working with students of all levels, backgrounds, and mental capacities has taught me to look for the potential in everyone and then outline steps that will help them reach their potential. This has also compelled me to communicate more effectively with others. For example, if a student doesn’t understand something, rather than blaming them, I recognize that the fault is my own because I have not explained it in a way that makes sense to them. So I try again with a different approach until they understand the concept I am presenting. This skill has proved valuable in many areas of life!

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Music Teacher's Helper

Description of Music Teacher's Helper: Helps private music teacher save time and money by automatic the "business" side of teaching. Billing, scheduling, lent items, make-ups, income and expense reports - it does it all! It even includes your own free studio website. Try it for free today!

Advice to Artists: As a private piano teacher, I often got frustrated trying to keep track of how much my students owed me, and when their lessons were. This launched me into creating Music Teacher's Helper as a solution to my problem, and it has become the solution for thousands of other teachers as well.

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Music, Education, and Technology: MusTech.Net!

Description of Music, Education, and Technology: MusTech.Net!: MusTech.Net is the official Weblog of Dr. Joseph Pisano and contains hundreds of posts about music, education, and technology. The blog focuses on advocating for teachers and disseminating useful and relevant information to music teachers that they can use in their every day classroom and teaching environments.

Advice to Artists: Music has allowed me to develop and hone the abilities to think creatively in everything that I do. Exploring and innovating with music is easily transferred into all of the other areas of my life where I am constantly learning new things, transferring existing knowledge, and making new and interesting connections with the information presented to me daily. Without the opportunities that I gained in music, my life would be much less colorful and routine and certainly contain less opportunity. Fine Arts instruction and exposure truly makes a difference in the lives of everyone that it touches and I enjoy creating these types of opportunities for others.

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Description of is dedicated to helping Music Education majors get the most out of their course of study. Focused mainly on the undergraduate degree (although many topics are applicable to all undergraduate and post-graduate levels), provides news, tips, insights, and general discussion on the experiences that Music Education majors are likely to encounter.

Advice to Artists: How has music and the arts inspired you in your professional career? (2-4 sentences): Music has been a part of my life for many years, and my love for music inspired me to pursue a career in the field. I am extremely passionate about teaching young students, and the ability to share the incredible experiences that music can give is a very rewarding opportunity.

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Description of musicteachers911: is a music education internet resource for scheduling music teacher workshops, an award winning professional music performance blog, and the number one music teacher education podcast available from the iTunes store for over two years running.

Advice to Artists: Teaching music has allowed me to give the joy of artistic expression to countless thousands of students over my 32 years in public music education. My love of music has taken me from my musical roots as a small elementary percussion student to performing at Carnegie Hall.

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Description of NobleViola: A blog written from the inside of a professional symphony orchestra.

Advice to Artists: Well, it's what I do - my colleagues and the great music I play every week elevate my life and experience.

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Off the Coast Literary Journal

Description of Off the Coast Literary Journal: Now in its seventeenth year, Off the Coast is a quarterly literary journal presenting the work of a diverse group of poets and artists from around the world. Our website carries samples of poetry, art and reviews from the print journal along with the magazine's history and submission guidelines.

Advice to Artists: For many years "an artist/poet with a day job," I found the creative process helpful in everything I do as well as a source of personal enrichment... and fun! Being a poet has allowed me to travel and meet many wonderful artists and poets who have helped show me a whole new world of inspiration.

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On An Overgrown Path

Description of On An Overgrown Path: On An Overgrown Path's mission is to share with its readers and podcast listeners the richness and diversity of music and the arts. Part of that sharing process involves establishing context by making the vital connection between the arts and important contemporary issues such as inclusivity, diversity and equality. Unlike similar websites On An Overgrown Path has no commercial agenda. Only one criterion is used to select the topics I cover and that is the topic must be important to me.

Advice to Artists: Before my recent retirement I was fortunate to enjoy a long career in broadcasting, recording and publishing. During that time I came to understand that a strong music and arts culture is an essential part of a healthy society. The arts are not a luxury, they are as important as healthcare and education. It is my hope that On An Overgrown Path will help communicate that, particularly to the important young generation.

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“Opera Rocks”™

Description of “Opera Rocks”™: Follow American tenor Andrew Richards through the artistic process and everyday life challenges of the creation of some of the most unique opera productions being done today. Noted for his passionate characterizations and intense stage presence, Andrew Richards is a favorite of innovative opera directors and conductors when casting the classic operatic repertory. In his candid blog, Andrew brings the reader along with him into the adventure of creation.

Advice to Artists: “I don’t remember a time when music wasn’t a major part of my life. In my early childhood, it was the hymns of the church, later I became infatuated with jazz and played jazz trombone with some of the major jazz musicians of my time. It wasn’t until I was at Eastman School of Music that I decided to dedicate my life to classical opera. This choice has given me an amazing vehicle to express my creativity. Also, since I often live for several weeks or even months at the site of a production, I live in a truly multicultural world.”

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Opera Toronto

Description of Opera Toronto: This blog exists to write about opera, which makes me disciplined in absorbing an impression and digesting it consciously and fully, reflecting upon other forms of art or daily life experiences.

Advice to Artists: The diversity and depth of exposure to different areas of human creativity (arts and science alike) is important for broadening your options and opportunities in life.

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OperaNow! THE Opera Podcast Website

Description of OperaNow! THE Opera Podcast Website: OperaNow! takes a light hearted, yet informed look at what's happening that week in the world of opera. We analyze the news, talk roles and recordings, and even throw in a few laughs to our audience, all with the intent of educating and informing people from conservatories to the opera audience.

Advice to Artists: My work as a singer in the opera world inspired me to find a way to share the sometimes strange world of opera with people who look in from the outside.

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Percussion Education

Description of Percussion Education: This site includes information on Percussion Music for Schools. Percussion Education Online is a resource for music teachers about all aspects of Drum and Percussion Lessons.

Advice to Artists: Music has been a part of my life since I was five years old, and new music I hear every day continues to inspire me to write and be involved in music.

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Phil Kirkman's Music Education and Technology Blog

Description of Phil Kirkman's Music Education and Technology Blog: This is a music education and technology blog examining issues arising from research and practice and looking at areas of current debate relevant to music educational professionals. The blog is an attempt to give a research informed critical voice to teachers and students who value music and who seek to promote high quality arts in school. Articles are on a wide range of topics from classroom resources and software to educational policy and conferences. Underpinning the blog is a commitment to widening equality through music education and broadening our understanding of how school classrooms can become environments that facilitate the emergence of musical cultures.

Advice to Artists: Through my experiences as a student, performer, teacher and researcher music has helped to open my eyes to the many ways we can see the world. There are so many shades, colors, sounds, textures, rhythms languages, ways of thinking and in a moment we can be transported from a caged world of grey and into a new understanding of how things can be; for better or worse. This then gives us momentum to make positive contributions to the world around us. This transformation of our experience of the world for the better is what for me lies at the heart of music and the arts.

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Pre Raphaelite Art

Description of Pre Raphaelite Art: A blog to accompany my other art blogs featuring the art and artists labelled as Pre Raphaelite. Though I'm sure it will wander into William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement.

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Red Easel

Description of Red Easel: A Studio Full of Artistic Inspiration, Red Easel is the visual artists resource for a wealth of information and inspiration in one place. Art instruction, art history, personal stories, demonstrations, exhibitions, artist biographies, galleries, critiques, and more! Professional visual artists showcase their work and share their stories, tutorials, struggles, and successes with our readers. It's the one-stop studio for visual artists and art enthusiasts everywhere. Take a stroll through our studio, you're sure to get your creative juices flowing. Red Easel enjoys a strong readership of visual artists and art enthusiasts.

Advice to Artists: Music and the arts are my life. I took piano for 13 years, and although I don't play like I used to, being able to practice and play the piano soothes my soul. As an artist in oils, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and validation when my work is recognized, appreciated, and enjoyed. The arts have always inspired me and I wanted to give back to the community of artists who have inspired me all my life, and that is why I launched Red Easel - to give back. It is my way of saying "thank you" for all that my fellow artist friends have done to inspire me to grow and be a better artist.

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Round the World and Bach in support of Musequality

Description of Round the World and Bach in support of Musequality: In 2007, professional violinist David Juritz, set out from his London home to busk his way around the world. Starting with no money, a violin as his only means of support, and sustained by a passionate belief that music can change lives, David travelled through 24 countries on six continents over the next four and a half months. His goal was to launch a new charity, Musequality, that supports music education projects for some of the poorest children in the world. Round the World and Bach tells the story of a small and occasionally chaotic victory of optimism over common sense.

Advice to Artists: Though I've been lucky enough to have had a very varied career in music, the moments that have stayed with me longest haven't been at what one might call the 'high end' of music. Instead, it has been during many rather unglamorous visits to nursing homes, hospitals and schools, while playing very simple music to sing-alongs or for children to conduct to, that I've realised that music has a unique power to sometimes unlock a 'door' that opens, perhaps only for a few moments, to allow the person on the other side to make a connection. Many of my colleagues have had simlar experiences and it is those moments where I realise what a privilege it is to be a musician.

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Description of SloaneView: A semi-regular commentary written by jazz singer Carol Sloane, describing memorable moments during her 50-year career, and her work with some of the legendary jazz musicians of all time; social and political issues which inspire or infuriate, her beloved Red Sox baseball team, life in New England, favorite books, recipes, and the occasional screech and holler directed at knuckle-heads.

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The Arts Fuse

Description of The Arts Fuse: The Arts Fuse fosters an ideal cultural dialogue, the kind that generates an engaged community throughout New England by nurturing meaningful commentary about the arts online. It provides serious, informed criticism and opinion about music and the arts, not just random blog posts or Tweets. It is literate, not wasting its readers’ time with rambling, poorly written copy. It is thought-provoking, independent, and self-sustaining.

Advice to Artists: For well over two decades I have written about arts and culture for print, broadcast, and online, winning awards for my reviews, features and commentaries. I am fascinated by the opportunities the Web offers in terms of how we evaluate music and the arts as well as how we articulate our passion for creative thought. My professional career has been driven by my love of the arts and music, coupled with a need to talk about, as an act of homage, the vital role they play in our lives and society.

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The Designer Pad

Description of The Designer Pad: The Designer Pad is home design and style blog where I share my thoughts and creative process and make my passion for great design contagious. It's a pool of observations and ideas about design, interiors, art plus many more life enhancing subjects that will inspire others to beautify their lives and make it a little more stylish.

Advice to Artists: My work as a designer is an interpretation of many different forms of art, especially visual and plastic arts. The opera and musicals have always been a major influence in my work as I have used them as reference for some of my projects.

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The Digital Music Educator

Description of Changing the way we think about music education in the 21st Century- my blog examines both technological advances in the field of music and best practices in education. We use technology as a tool not to do different things, but to do things differently. This sometimes requires us to question traditional teaching methods.:

Advice to Artists: My love of music and my passion for education met at the crossroads of music education. I have been teaching for 24 years, and each day brings a new opportunity for learning. The Arts are a lifelong journey, not a destination- and I am so blessed to appreciate beauty in my daily life because of this.

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The Pictorial Arts: My Delineated Life

Description of The Pictorial Arts: My Delineated Life: This is an autobiographical examination of images that have inspired and continue to inspire my 40 year (and counting) career as a freelance artist—from the great ages of painting and photography to the golden age of illustration and cartooning. I like to present large scans and share the magic that has enthralled me as a lifelong student of the arts.

Advice to Artists: My professional career is a constant set of overlapping goals and deadlines, exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. To keep on deadline, I count on the eclectic assortment of music that permeates my studio to help keep my feet on the ground and my head in the stars. When I find my ideas getting stagnant, I enter the realms of other artists—to see the universe through their eyes—and my work is then re-energized.

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The Rambler

Description of The Rambler: Modern composition. Blogging the music that others won't tell you about.

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The Stark Raving Cello Blog

Description of The Stark Raving Cello Blog: The mostly cello, sometimes raving blog of Emily Wright. Thoughts on music, education, approach, and being alive, with some other stuff thrown in for variety.

Advice to Artists: As a former terrible student, I teach and develop curriculua with the end result in mind. Let's use obstacles as teachers. Let's find strengths in each student. Let's be grateful for this chance to make an impact on the rest of the world through not just our art, but in the way we carry ourselves during the process of making that art.

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The Textile Blog

Description of The Textile Blog: The Textile Blog is a comprehensive educational resource that gives regular insights into all aspects of the history of textile design, decoration and craft.=

Advice to Artists: The self-motivated creative journey is one of the most complex but amazingly rewarding aspects of life. Many individuals in the world of music and art have carved their own creative path, transforming both my life and the way I see others and the world around me.

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Strike the Right Note

Description of Strike the Right Note (formally "The Unlikely Entrepreneur"): The benefits of classical music, and lessons learned from a career in classical music.

Advice to Artists: I became a classical singer over twenty years ago and have worked full-time as a classical musician ever since. My work has taken me to places around the world, given me new things to explore every day, and I wake up each morning eager to go to work.

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Thomas J West Music

Description of Thomas J West Music: The personal website of music educator, author, composer, and clinician Thomas J. West. Mr. West provides online webcam music lessons, practice tips, music product and event reviews, original music compositions, and hundreds of articles on the state of public music education in modern society.

Advice to Artists: What the world needs now is more independent creativity. Music education needs to be more than just playing an instrument in a large ensemble. The internet is the perfect venue for musicians and artists of all kinds to share their passions and form extended communities of innovative ideas, boundless creativity, and deep expression.

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Description of is the home of the Weblog of Sarah Johnston, Urban Music Educator, Elementary Music and Orff Specialist, Mom of two beautiful daughters, and avid advocate for music education in urban environments. It is my hope that this site will serve as a place for discussion and exploration of issues related to urban music teaching at all levels.

Advice to Artists: Music was central to my role of choosing a career as a music teacher. My strong music and arts background in high school and college, along with fantastic mentoring, led me into a career that has not only fueled my passion for music teaching, but has also become my mission field for working with children from urban environments.

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Description of : provides information about Richard Wagner's operas and productions as well as interviews with Wagner singers and stage directors, articles, videos, news, background about the Bayreuth Festival and other resources.

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What Music Means to Me

Description of What Music Means to Me: Exploring the intersection of music and life, with topics of interest to those with both little or considerable musical knowledge.

Advice to Artists: Music makes my life more satisfying and meaningful. I've learned so much from studying it, I've experienced so much from participating in it, and I've been blessed so much by hearing it.

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Wrightstuffmusic, Music Education & Technology

Description of Wrightstuffmusic, Music Education & Technology: A site dedicated to music education ideas and trends, guitar instruction, teacher resource collation and all things concerning music technology in the classroom.

Advice to Artists: As a classroom educator and private instrumental tutor nothing helps my students more than having fun in the learning process. I am inspired by the many teachers I find online with similar blogs, developing technology and live performers who spark my imagination, allowing me to be creative with in my teaching.

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