March Madness Brackets of the Unconventional

There may be a method to the way you fill out your NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket... or maybe you're all about the madness. This year, eCollegeFinder is getting a little eccentric with its techniques for predicting how the championship will play out. Using school-related metrics such as Total Student Enrollment, Tuition, Student/Faculty Ratio, and Acceptance Rate, we've predicted which teams would win 2013's Big Dance. Read on to see our Brackets of the Unconventional!


What's a team without its fans? Division I teams often hail from sizeable institutions and have the potential to attract a larger student following to cheer them on - perhaps it's actually team spirit that cinches the competition. In this bracket, you'll find out how each of the championship teams would fare if March Madness were based solely on student enrollment.


They say money can't buy happiness, but can it buy a winning basketball team? The students at these schools are shelling out the cash that could provide the coach, the players, and the practice facilities to set their school up for a successful championship. Here's the Men's Division I Basketball Tournament outcome if winning sports teams were born of high tuition.

Student/Faculty Ratio

Fewer students per faculty member means more individualized help. More individualized help means better understanding in the classroom, less time studying, and more practice time for student-athletes...right? This bracket shows which school would come out on top if the competition all came down to student-faculty ratio!

Acceptance Rate

The all-powerful admissions officer has the ability to make or break an applicant's collegiate dreams. While they may not have karma on their side, admissions departments that admit only a privileged few can handpick the kind of talent that constitutes a superior institution. If rejections were two-pointers, here are the teams that would dominate the competition! This bracket revolves around acceptance rate.