eCollegeFinder Freshmen Advisor Award

About eCollegeFinder: eCollegeFinder is an education resource that provides students with the information needed to succeed with their academic aspirations. eCollegeFinder offers online counseling degrees from the best accredited online colleges on the Internet.

The Freshmen Advisor Award was created to recognize the top online resources that offer additional advice and guidance for freshman as they embark upon their college experience. These websites strive to encourage and educate younger students as they make the transition from high school to college.

This award is not only intended to commend the efforts of the Freshmen Advisors, but to provide students with a valuable resource to adjust to a new and unfamiliar collegiate lifestyle. Be sure to read on to see the unique advice each website has to offer. This wonderful collection of tips and insight is sure to put you ahead of the curve in adjusting to your fresh and exciting lifestyle away from home.

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