eCollegeFinder Education Innovator Award

eCollegeFinder is an organization dedicated to distance learning, online education and learning technology. The Education Innovator Award was created to recognize the top resources on the Internet that parallel the same goals of promoting the expansion of learning into new and innovative formats. The following websites have shown commitment to the advancement of education and we’d like to commend their efforts and applaud their devotion. For more information about online teaching programs and accredited online colleges, please continue through the site.

Top 50 Education Innovators


An exciting collection of free resources and inspiring reflections designed to transform education to facilitate education in the 21st Century. Topics include 21st Century Skills, Project Based Learning, STEM Education, with a focus on ISTE’s NETS standards for students, teachers, and administrator. Integration of technology to deliver a core curriculum that engages today’s digital natives, while providing an avenue for students to master the core standards is an essential of the site. Michael Gorman, the author and Johns Hopkins University graduate, currently works in education, presents at national and regional conferences, provides in-service to schools, facilitated podcasts and webinars, and for various newsletters and magazines.

What About Education Inspires You? Today’s education is all about tomorrow’s future. Providing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in that future is an exciting endeavor. The transformation of education as it moves farther into the 21st Century provides educators with an exciting and inspirational task. By putting students at the center of their education the future will be sure to bring great expectation and innovation while it improves the human experience.

A GeekyMomma’s Blog

Here you’ll find educational thoughts from a tech savvy educator. Tips and tricks, Web 2.0 great finds and periodic clips from her local edtech cable TV show, PalmBreezeCAFE.

What About Education Inspires You? I’m inspired by my personal learning network and how much those in my PLN have helped me grow and learn and reach not only my classroom students but other educators as well.

Adventures in Ed Tech by Daniel Rezac

Adventures in Ed Tech is the official blog of technology instructor and integrator, Daniel Rezac. The mission of AiET is to raise the discussion of Educational Technology to the highest order, and to discover, analyze, and share the plethora of new Internet tools with teachers and educators all over the world.

What About Education Inspires You? I’m inspired by the possibility of a level playing field. Technology, and with the current openness and freedom of the Internet, has the possibility of providing the exact same resources to any student. I’m inspired by the freedom of information.

Adventures in Educational Blogging

Explorations on using tech to make learning more engaging and meaningful. Written by an intermediate school technology coordinator/ tech teacher working with 8 through 11-year olds.

What About Education Inspires You? This is an exciting time to be an educator. Web 2.0 applications are easy and accessible enough that elementary students can use them. These new tools are making learning more engaging and meaningful. They are empowering our students to be contributors, not just consumers of information.

always learning

Reflections on the teaching and learning experiences as an educational technology coach in international schools around the world.

What About Education Inspires You? Everything!

Angela Maiers

Angela believes that learning is a lifelong journey. She conducts workshops and training sessions helping learners of all ages develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, and communication. This site is an ongoing presentation of the conversations along her learning path. So join her!

What About Education Inspires You? More than anyone or anything else in this world, children inspire me. Think about it. Being born isn’t easy. Learning to walk isn’t easy. Learning to talk isn’t easy. The first day of school is not easy. Learning to make friends and losing friends isn’t easy. Being a teenage (whom I have two of now!) isn’t even close to easy. Finding your voice and way in a world of grown ups, is not easy, and yet everyday they do it with a smile on their face and hope in their eyes. They fall and get up. They struggle and grow. They imagine and believe in dreams. Children live life. They work hard, play hard and love with an openness that can brings tears to my eyes. Watching children, my own, those that I teach, children I see in the park or at the mall. Children of all ages everywhere inspire me every day.


Apophenia is where Danah Boyd blogs about her research and her thoughts about life, the universe, and everything. As a social science researcher, Danah Boyd focuses on how teenagers use social media as a part of their daily lives, analyzing the interplay between teens and tools like MySpace, Facebook, text messaging, Twitter, ChatRoulette, etc. Blog posts can range from an analysis of a new technological system to a discussion of how teens are making sense of a new phenomena.

What About Education Inspires You? Youth and those who are passionate about youth.


Bellringers is a site dedicated to a different view of public education. It attempts to look at our educational world from a different and humorous perspective–not from the lessons I have taught my students, but rather from the lessons my students and others have taught me.

What About Education Inspires You? I am inspired by my students.


How are the major changes taking place in the world going to impact higher education? How can he change to best contribute in this changed world? Find out the answers at his blog.

What About Education Inspires You? It is the future.


CogDogBlog is Alan Levine’s dog-themed place to bark about educational technology, web programming, digital storytelling, photography, unreasonable hype, weird web sites, and other targets big and small- things that either under his fur or make him wag his tail.

What About Education Inspires You? That thrilling moment when you know someone’s own light flashed on from learning something, even when it happens online, and seeing what happens when people can unleash their own creativity.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

This blog is dedicated to those dedicated to educating well with technology and to inspire people living in an increasingly technologically complex world with the latest trends, insights, and predictions from a practicing classroom teacher and author.

What About Education Inspires You? As a person who did not fit in middle school or in my hometown, education opened doors to the wide world outside Camilla – to places where I could find friends and fit in and also where I could learn. We will inherit the world tomorrow which we educate today and I truly believe that being an educator is the noblest calling on earth besides being a parent! So, really, what inspires me is the importance of educating this generation well but also being a generation of educators who realize that we never “arrive” that we never have some corner of knowledge. For in pride and puffery, truly, we will show ourselves to be uneducated and in humility and service we will show ourselves to achieved the greatest education of all. May this generation of students rise up and call us blessed. I tell educators as I travel that some of us will be known as “jail keepers” if we persist in blocking the rich world and learning experiences that can be had by students for free but there are many of us who instead will be known as the people who set them free on a lifelong journey of education and life.

Digital Learning Environments

Today’s students grew up with technology and expect to use it to get information, solve problems and communicate. These are the very skills they need now and in the future. When classrooms are equipped with the right combination of technology tools, students can learn all the skills they need to prepare. This web site is a guide to digital learning, dedicated to demonstrating how the technologies available in a digital learning environment can be the catalyst for teaching and learning in an era where new skills – and the ability to change as times demand – are paramount.

What About Education Inspires You? Educators who are using wonderful new tools creatively to help students learn new things in new ways inspire me.

Educational Technology blog

Educational Technology blog has operated continuously for the past eight years, providing daily updates on news, techniques, technologies, studies, and emerging theories on effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. In addition to heavy Web traffic (the site is among the top returns for searches for the words educational technology on Google and Bing), the blog has more than 3,000 RSS subscribers and scores of sites that re-publish the contents. It is daily reading for many professionals and students in the field of educational technology.

What About Education Inspires You? I am committed to the search for ways to enhance the quality of, and access to, education; for it is through learning that we advance lives, careers, and the world. I am inspired by the online learners I have met who strive for excellence in higher education as they simultaneously pursue careers and a high quality of family and community life. These inspiring students deserve the very best that our faculty, technologies, and pedagogies can provide. They are the emerging leaders in our society. Those of us in the education field are honored by the opportunity to serve these learners as they prepare to make a difference in our world.

Educational Technology Debate – an initiative of the World Bank and Unesco

The Educational Technology Debate (ETD) seeks to promote a substantive discussion of how low-cost information and communication technology. (ICT) device initiatives for educational systems in developing countries are relevant to the very groups they purport to serve – the students, teachers, and their surrounding communities.

What About Education Inspires You? I’m inspired by the dedication and excitement educational professionals bring to the classroom around new tools and technologies to enhance learning.

A nonprofit operating foundation committed to providing strategies, tools, and resources about what works in education. Through its award-winning Web site, video, and growing online community, Edutopia’s mission is to support and empower K – 12 educators by shining a spotlight on innovative and successful learning environments revolving around six core concepts of comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, teacher development, and technology integrations.

What About Education Inspires You? Education provides opportunity. Opportunity to grow, learn, contribute, engage, and fulfill dreams.

E-Learning Acupuncture

E-Learning Accupuncture is an online chronicle of some of the tasty tidbits that inspire Eric from an educational technology perspective. An educator of campus-based and online classroom settings, Eric understands that students rarely get excited anymore with standard lectures where all they do is watch the instructor at the front of the class. His goal is to help teachers understand more about the ever-changing realm of instructional technology so that they can better formulate ways to leverage it as a motivating factor for students.

What About Education Inspires You?I like seeing a student get excited about learning and I’m inspired knowing that teachers are the motivators to help students gain excitement about their learning experiences. If a teacher motivates a student to get excited about their own learning then everyone wins!

E-Learning Journey’s

Finding new global paths, sharing ideas and resources. This blog exists to share ideas about E-Learning, ICT integration and digital literacy in education.

What About Education Inspires You? How learning can be improved through engaged participants who understand the importance of the sociability of online community learning and the use of emerging technologies to connect classrooms globally.

e-Learning Pundit

A site specifically targeting individuals who seek distance learning options offered primarily by not-for-profit, brick and mortar colleges and universities. Additional education topics discussed are diploma mills, tuition, and for-profit institutions.

E-Learning Queen

E-Learning Queen focuses on distance training and education, from instructional design to e-learning and mobile solutions, and pays attention to psychological, social, and cultural factors. The edublog emphasizes real-world e-learning issues and appropriate uses of emerging technologies.

What About Education Inspires You? I’m constantly and continually inspired by the fact that education changes lives. It’s transformative and inspirational, and the impact on one life almost always spills over to family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues. What I like about online education is that the potential for transformation feels infinite, not just in the subjects studied, but also in the connections that can be made. It’s exciting, dynamic, and challenging.

Ewan McIntosh’s

Ewan, as both an educator and entrepreneur, brings together a first-hand understanding of how tomorrow’s digital media platforms and technologies can shape learning, and how policy and pedagogy might adapt to stay on top of our changing world.

What About Education Inspires You? What’s not to be inspired by? When with a set of actions and attitudes you can shape the most important thing about our future: our children.

For the Love of Learning

Teaching in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Joe Bower wishes to challenge ‘traditional’ schooling while exploring more progressive forms of education. His blog intends to uproot some of the most deeply rooted myths that continue to distract people from a love for learning. And he has fun doing it.

What About Education Inspires You? My teaching practices are driven by two rules: 1) Students should experience their success and failures not as reward and punishment but as information 2) Working with students is a superior way of teaching than doing things to them.

“Charting the Course of Teaching and Learning in a Networked World.” A network and interview series about education.

What About Education Inspires You? Passionate students and teachers.

Hey Jude

This blog by Judy O’Connell is a place to explore and talk about new media, learning and social networking. Touching on matters related to primary, secondary and tertiary education, with a focus on pedagogy, curriculum, learning spaces, libraries, and immersive worlds, Heyjude is all about’ learning in an online world’ – with passion, excitement and a good laugh along the way!

What About Education Inspires You? Learning is a global, interactive, multi-modal conversation, and it is [r]evolutionary. This makes it such an exciting time to be an educator, as we help create flexible new learning experiences for our students.

iLearn Technology

An edublog with free, easy to use ideas for integrating technology in the k-12 classroom.

What About Education Inspires You? Students inspire me daily!

John Woodring

Teacherbytes are postings regarding Educational Technology and it’s effects on the classroom. Topics that have been written about are new technologies that can be used in education, cyber-safety for children and education professionals, real life experiences I like to share as I work with both teachers and students.

What About Education Inspires You? The challenges I face working with both teachers and students in sharing new technologies never make this job dull. However, the biggest reward is to see someone’s eyes light up when they have success working with Educational Technology.

Karyn’s erratic learning journey

A haphazard romp of a lifelong, life-wide learning journey. A catch-all for things that have caught Karyn’s eye, links to helpful information and the odd soapbox moment. Usually related to learning, albeit sometimes tenuously.

What About Education Inspires You? I believe that we all love to learn, but that the education system has caused most of us to forget this. I believe that it can be reawakened, and I am a one-woman task force, bent on rekindling that passion. There are few things more satisfying than witnessing the moment when the light comes on, the penny drops and the learner ceases to need your assistance!

Kassblog: Technology Directions

Gadget hype and marketing can obscure what is most important in education: the teacher-student interaction. Kassblog investigates truly effective uses of technology in schools to improve teaching and learning and build community.

What About Education Inspires You? Teachers and environments that reach all learners.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

This portal to exemplary educational websites to support teaching and learning is hosted by Discovery Education. The goal of the site has always been to point teachers to great resources that they can use for their own professional development as well as with students.

What About Education Inspires You? The thing that most inspires me about education is the ever-changing uses of technology to support teaching and learning in a meaningful way. The realization, in the past few years, that we need to embed the 21st century skills into the curriculum in a meaningful way has allowed me to include Web 2.0 applications and examples of such in the Schrockguide.

Keeping Kids First

Keeping Kids First was started to be an online space for to think, share and reflect. It has evolved into a site where Kelly to challenge herself and others, and her own thinking and practice are challenged as well.

What About Education Inspires You? A passion for genuine learning inspires me to be a teacher and a learner. I can only hope that I leave my students with a desire to continue learning, beyond the walls of a classroom or the requirements of a course.

Learning with ‘e’s

Thoughts about learning technology and all things digital. Steve’s writing includes his interest in how technology can be made to work for us, particularly in education and training.

What About Education Inspires You? I’m inspired by creative teachers, particularly those who see the whole picture, not just the parts.

Middle School Matrix

In an ever-changing and growing world of Web tools and ways of learning, it is the challenge to match new tools and ways of learning with students and their individual needs. It is a process of trial and error. The blog is my attempt to share my journey with all of its successes and its failures, so that others might be encouraged to join in the quest for providing the best learning environment that we can for all students.

What About Education Inspires You? My inspiration comes from the look in students’ eyes when they have an “Aha!” moment, when an idea that had been unclear is suddenly visible, when a skill is finally mastered, when the joy of learning makes them forget they are sitting in a desk in the middle of a long day and lights up their face. I work for those moments, when my love of learning and my preparation take them away from the drudgery of the “work” of being a student and give them a feeling of power and ownership. Sometimes, those moments can be created in a single lesson, but more often, there is a process of slowly connecting the pieces, tackling each aspect of complexity, until the way becomes clear, and they reach the mountain top.


Mobile Learning articles, papers and blog — information for implementers of mobile learning.

What About Education Inspires You? Student engagement and enthusiasm.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Moving at the Speed of Creativity is Wesley Fryer’s blog. He uses this site to digitally document his own journey of learning and collaboration with other educators and lifelong learners around the globe. It primary focus is on issues related to engaged learning, web 2.0 technologies, digital storytelling, educational leadership, literacy, blended learning, creativity, appropriate uses of educational technologies, digital citizenship, and educational transformation.

What About Education Inspires You? Passionate teachers.

Multimedia Learning

A blog about e-learning and more general multimedia for learning.

What About Education Inspires You? Right now I’m most inspired about the excitement of technology in learning and the creative ways we’re using technology as a collaboration tool for learning. is Tony’s personal notebook, a place to capture his own learning and experimentation with new technology, and in a format that he can search over. Originally focusing on search and library related topics, it has now expanded to cover visualization techniques, data handling and online web mash ups.

What About Education Inspires You? The ability to provide people with skills and insights that let them achieve things in their own life and better understand the world around them. I also like to think of it as art, in that education has the ability to help people see the world differently. – Learning Without Studying

Popling helps users stay motivated to learn by combining notifications and flash cards.

Scott H Young

Get More from Life – How does one pursue the ideal life? Scott doesn’t have all the answers, but with over 800 articles on motivation, goals and learning, it is a place to start.

What About Education Inspires You? Learning is the stuff of life. That’s why it inspires me.

Snapshots of Learning

Entries include reflections and ideas of Jon’s (and many others’) view of what education CAN be. Although a strong emphasis on technology, they never subscribe to “integrating” technology. Instead, they try to make the technology subordinate to changing pedagogy and curriculum. In other words, “it’s all about learning FIRST.”

What About Education Inspires You? By definition, “education” IS “inspiration.” What could be a more noble, exhilarating cause than to inspire, ignite, and foster learning?


A focus on the future of education for all the different students in democratic societies.


Learning professionals are very busy people and don’t always have enough time to keep abreast of new directions and ideas in learning. This blog helps to spread ideas and it can help to make people think differently about what they’re doing. The blog is also a great way to crystallize Michael’s personal thoughts and ideas.

What About Education Inspires You? Watching people grow through learning!

Successful Teaching

This blog is about sharing strategies and ideas in order to have a successful teaching experience. These apply to all grade levels in all subject areas, whether you are in public schools, private schools, or home schools.

What About Education Inspires You? I feel that all students really want to learn. It is up to me, as an educator, to find the key to make this learning happen and this key may be different for each individual learner. I feel even more determined to help anyone who really wants to learn.

Teach Web 2.0 Consortium

A group of curious teachers who explore and brainstorm ways to integrate Web 2.0 technologies into our teaching. Some meet face-to-face at an independent school in St. Petersburg, Florida. Some are University of Florida graduate students. The rest of us are from all over the world.

What About Education Inspires You? The potential that every human being has to learn and the power that comes from connecting all of those learners with each other.


Teach42 focuses in on how new technologies are impacting education, from Web 2.0 to mobile devices, to educational policy. It is the personal blog of Steve Dembo, the Online Community Manager for the Discovery Educator Network and conference speaker.

What About Education Inspires You? It allows us to change the world one student at a time.

Teaching Tomorrow

A middle school teacher’s expressions on the importance of implementing Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. Nicole firmly believes that it is our duty to prepare students for the future and to teach them the basics of how to learn, find information and solve problems. started out as a series of daily posts detailing the day-to-day experiences of a teacher in a paperless classroom; the intent was to give examples of paperless techniques and help motivate paperless thinking among teachers. Very quickly however, the blog became something much more than that and today our community of readers takes part in an ongoing conversation both on the blog and via Twitter (@TeachPaperless) on all aspects of paperless, digital, and technological culture as it relates to education.

What About Education Inspires You? I am inspired by the fearlessness of a student or a teacher willing to try something new.

For 30 years, Tech & Learning has served the K-12 education community with practical resources and expert strategies for transforming education through integration of digital technologies.

What About Education Inspires You? I am inspired daily by the passion of educators.

The Innovative Educator

Sharing ideas about educating innovatively.

What About Education Inspires You? Passion-based, authentic learning.

The Power of Educational Technology

Demonstrating the power of technology to transform learning, energize communities and inspire innovative thinking.

What About Education Inspires You? I am inspired by the idea that I am teaching the future leaders and innovators of our country. I know my students have the potential to great things. I believe the more they learn about technology and how to use it, the more impact they can have on the world.

The Thinking Stick

Jeff Utecht, the author of The Thinking Stick is an international educator, presenter, consultant based in Bangkok, Thailand. Jeff shares his thoughts on Education, Educational Technology and how technology is changing society today and what schools need to do to stay relevant and prepare students for the future.

What About Education Inspires You? It’s having the ability to shape the future with endless possibilities.

The WebFooted Booklady

Blogging to promote reading, teach information literacy skills and explore the possibilities for using social media in the classroom.

What About Education Inspires You? I am excited by the many emerging ways for teachers to collaborate, share and support each other and their students online. Cultivating a powerful personal learning network online can be the best tool in any teacher’s toolbox.