The eCollegeFinder and StockVault Top Digital Design Blogs Award

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the Top Digital Design Blogs Award! This award is brought to you by eCollegeFinder and StockVault, a free stock photo sharing website for photographers, designers, and students, as a celebration of the best digital design blogs on the Internet.

For those aspiring to become a designer or already working in graphic design, web design, illustration, motion graphics, print design, or typography, we’ve cultivated a list of the greatest resources in the design community, nominated and voted for by you!

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Top Design Blogs

Joanne’s Digital Designs Blog

My blog is a culmination of all my graphic design work, since I begain in 2008. I create Paint Shop Pro scripts and Photshop layered templates for digital designers.

What is your greatest advice for aspiring digital designers?
Do not give up! It takes patience to learn how to design digitally. You can’t learn it all overnight, but through practice and a love of making beautiful creations, you will learn to be very proud of your end design. There is nothing more rewarding than the compliments you get for a job well done!

#1 digital design blog

NYC Type

NYC Type is a collection of photographs I take while walking around the wonderfully colorful streets of New York. I photograph interesting typography from neighborhoods across all five boroughs. The photographs are taken using my Nikon D700 and 50mm Nikkor 1.4.

What is your greatest advice for aspiring digital designers?
Don’t limit your creativity or your entrepreneurial spirit. Business and creativity are coming together like never before, so the opportunities to make a career out of doing what you love are better than ever. Also, don’t be afraid to explore areas of design where you might not be totally comfortable, for example digital/web design. It’s a bit intimidating at first, but the payoff can be huge.

#2 digital design blog


On kishoreblog, you can find many designs using various color themes, styles, various industry-wise designs, etc. I have my own, unique style of design; I hope it will give you inspiration!

What is your greatest advice for aspiring digital designers?

  • DESIGN IS PATIENCE:- Design until you are satisfied.
  • OBSERVE:- Design is everywhere around you. Just observe it.
  • LOVE COLORS:- Play with the maximum amount of colors all of the time.
  • VISUAL:- Choose a right visual. It comprises 50% of the design.
  • CONFIDENT:- Be Confident in what you design.
  • LEARN:- Learn from others. Creativity is different for everyone.
#3 digital design blog

Lori Weitzel

This blog serves as a practice ground for my career transition from graphic design to illustration and hand-lettering. I took on a project to create one illustration each day during the year 2011. The daily format was the same, I used inspiration boards to visually journal what I was working on or thinking about. The idea was for the viewer to look at the picture first and guess my thoughts. I wrote a small blurb after most illustrations explaining the inspiration. My illustration artwork and lettering were merged with others pictures to create a final color palette at the bottom. Currently posts are of new artwork I create, but they are not in the same format, to keep the 365 project recognizable. Please follow me on pinterest to see my inspirations.

What is your greatest advice for aspiring digital designers?
Click here to read the advice Lori Weitzel posted for design students!

#4 digital design blog