Undergraduate Certificates & Diplomas

An online certificate or diploma program may appeal to you if you know what you’re passionate about and understand how you’ll pursue it. Typically a highly focused program, students earn an undergraduate certificate in a year or less . Non-degree programs focus only on the necessary, practical skills for success in a specific field. Programs exist in a wide array of disciplines ranging from business and education to healthcare and technology.Undergraduate certificate programs are typically very skill-specific and fast paced — some can even be completed in a semester. Rarely do certificate programs take a full year.

While completion of a certificate program does provide a host of skills and benefits, it does not qualify your for advanced study. However, you may apply the credits earned in such programs toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. If you already hold an undergraduate degree, diplomas and certificates are a practical supplement as they signify additional, specified knowledge. They will also allow you to shift careers or fields with minimal years of additional schooling.

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Undergraduate Certificates in Business

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