Online Associates Degree

Typically completed in two years when attending school on a full time basis, online associate degrees are comparable to the college degrees offered by community colleges. They pave the way for an entry-level position while laying the foundation for the pursuit of one of the many online bachelor’s degree programs available. In choosing your major, you’ll have the freedom to choose from English to Business to Allied Health Studies. When enrolled in an online program, these degrees can work into your home and work life.

General education classes, plus some concentration requirements and electives, compose the core of most associate’s degree programs. Unlike traditional, ground campuses, accredited online colleges boast both affordability and convenience. Furthering your education at one of the top accredited online colleges allows you to avoid crowded classrooms, transportation costs and a schedule that does not fit your lifestyle. Most students take four semesters to complete the program, although accelerated online associate’s degrees do exist. Explore to determine which course of study is most tailored to you, your schedule, and your life goals.

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