Paralegal Degrees

Launch an exciting career as a paralegal!  Paralegals are responsible for preparing much of the research for hearings and trials and seek to ensure that all relevant information is included. They prepare reports based on knowledge of relevant laws, cases and judicial decisions that a lawyer may use in preparation for a case.

Paralegal degree programs typically include the following courses:

  • business writing
  • criminal law
  • patents, trademarks & copyright
  • dispute resolution
  • civil litigation

Online paralegal degree programs from accredited online colleges and universities will give your career as a paralegal a jumpstart. While paralegals, or legal assistants, are prohibited from the practice of law, which includes setting legal fees, giving legal advice, and presenting cases in court, a paralegal does much of the work necessary in preparing a case.

Whether you are looking to start an exciting new career as a paralegal or to advance in your current career, an online degree in paralegal studies, is the perfect solution. 

Prepare for a dynamic career assisting attorneys with legal research, interviewing clients and managing cases in the fast-paced legal system as a paralegal! features the best online colleges and universities.

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