Fire Service Degrees

A degree in Fire Service prepares individuals for a challenging and excited career in the fire safety and rescue field. Fire science degree programs expose recruits to simulated disaster scenarios, such as burning high-rise buildings, aircraft catastrophes and even hazardous material spills. A degree from an accredited college or university represents the same high standard of excellence as municipal fire academies.

If high-pressure situations and frequent tests of courage describe your ideal job environment, you could be well-suited to a firefighting occupation. Firefighters must respond immediately to fires and other emergencies and may remain on scene for several days at a time. In addition to putting out fires, firefighters also respond to traffic accidents and medical emergencies. They must maintain strict levels of physical fitness and practice complex drills involving organization and teamwork.

Courses in Fire Service, an online public administration degree specialty, typically include;

  • Basic Firefighting
  • Anatomy of Fire
  • Chemical Make-Up of Fire
  • Fire Rescue
  • CPR Training

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Associate Degrees in Fire Service

Bachelors Degrees in Fire Service