Best Cities for Recent Graduates

The post college transition to the real world is in trying time for all most graduates. A time filled with job hunting, soul searching, and budgeting; all while trying to plan for “what’s next”. While it may be a scary situation, it’s also an exciting moment in life to establish yourself in a new city, with new people, and a new career. So where should you go? Where do you have the best chance of landing a job? Or where is there never a shortage of nightlife? Where can you get cheap pizza?

Using a study from Divya Raghavan at NerdWallet, we made a cool graphic to help recent graduates find the best city to start that exciting next step of life. Using an overall score combined from different metrics such as demographics, social life, accessibility, cost of living, and availability of jobs, NerdWallet found the top 10 cities for recent grads. Take a look, maybe you’ll find a new city to start your postgrad life!

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Best Cities for Recent Graduates

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Source: Best Cities for Fresh College Graduates by NerdWallet