eCollegeFinder’s Best Career Advice Blogs of 2015 Award

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the Best Career Advice Blog of 2015 Award! Whether you’re a college student looking to learn how to get that first job after college or just someone looking to get a better job, you know the importance of advice from a knowledgeable source. It can be anything; where to look for opportunities, how to dress for the occasion, or what questions to ask during an interview. These are all things that are hard to fully understand without the correct advice and direction. It’s an exciting prospect but it’s also intimidating, that’s why eCollegeFinder is looking for the best minds in the career development space, to help people with their career search!

With this award, eCollegeFinder seeks to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, to give our readers and staff the best career advice and personal development blogs on the web. These blogs cover that cover tips, advice, news, and facts so that they will be well educated and up to date with the latest and greatest. Readers will gain insight on the best ways to land a great job and maximize their happiness with their career choice. These are the Best Career Advice Blogs of 2015!

We asked each of our winners to answer a few questions, below are their responses:

  • How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?
  • What do you think is an essential skill for all job seekers to have?
  • What interview advice would you give to recent graduates looking for their first job?

Best Career Advice Blogs of 2015