Bachelors Degrees in Medical Technology

Clinical laboratories, in hospitals and medical centers, are in dire need of medical technologists and lab technicians. Career opportunities exist in pharmaceutical quality control, government crime labs, research and biotechnology, environmental technology and lab systems. In fact many graduates with a degree in medical technology go on to positions as lab directors and health care supervisors.

Medical Technologists perform laboratory analysis to help a physician detect, diagnose and treat disease and illness. Technologists work with advanced laboratory equipment, instruments and computers in order to give the most accurate test results possible. In fact, the work of a medical technologist is particularly important because physicians base about 70 percent of their prognoses and treatment recommendations on the results of lab testing. features the best online medical technology programs, offered by premier online colleges and universities. Build a career in medical technology through software or application engineering to succeed in one of today's fastest growing job markets with an online bachelor degree!

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