Online Associates Degree

An associates degree from the top online schools lays the foundation for study in the field of your choosing. In a two year online college degree program, you’ll cover the core material for your field which allows you to pursue your bachelors degree or enter the work force with the basic skills needed to operate professionally in an entry-level position.

Online Bachelor Degree Programs

With an accredited online bachelor degree, you’ll complete a comprehensive, four-year college education in a field of your choice. Accredited online degree programs, like the bachelors degree, provide both a broad background supplemented with specific upper-level coursework. Completion of an online bachelor degree program demonstrates dedication to both academic and professional success. Once equipped with your degree, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue an entry-level position or continue on to a graduate program in a related field.

Best Online Masters Programs

Often completed in two years, a master’s degree is a specialized graduate course of study that demonstrates academic commitment and skill beyond a bachelors degree. With an online masters degree, you’ll hone specific skills to acquire particular knowledge and vocational expertise. Such specialized insight will qualify you for mid-level positions with the practical capabilities to readily advance. Often, accredited online degree programs at the masters level require the completion of a thesis or a project of equivalent scope.

Online PhD Programs

A doctorate (PhD) is the most advanced academic degree one can earn. A mark of significant achievement, a doctoral program transitions one from student to emerging expert. Accredited online PhD programs emphasize research of a specific topic, backed by scholarly findings and presented in professional writing with an emphasis on one’s dissertation. Upon completion of the dissertation, you’ll be an expert in your field ready to enter academia, the private sector or a high level position in non-profit or governmental agency.

Undergraduate Certificates & Diplomas

For those who know what career they seek and how they will pursue it, a certificate or diploma program provide the essential training needed to operate professionally. Typically completed in less than two years, certificates do not qualify the individual to pursue advanced degrees. However, the credits earned can be transferred into an associates or bachelors program.

Graduate Certificates

For the professional looking to shift careers or expand their portfolio, a graduate certificate in a technical field can ease the transition as well as enhance a resume. In an online certificate program, you’ll hone your professional skills while also familiarizing yourself with new technologies, programs and methods to fully capitalize on your potential. A graduate certificate not only prepares you for unforeseen challenges, but it also signifies initiative and vocational expertise. Certificates exist in a variety of fields with the most options in business, education, health and information sciences.