Best Gifts for the Online College Student in your Life

A lot of people underestimate the amount of work goes into being an online college student. Just like attending school on-campus, these students sit through lectures, pore over textbooks for hours, and enjoy all the stress of finals. If you know someone who is taking classes online and are wondering what to get them as a holiday gift, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of all the things the online student in your life is looking for.


A Good Set of HeadphonesA Good Set of Headphones
A lot of online students enjoy studying in cafes, libraries, or even just the living room – sitting alone in your bedroom or office to study gets exhausting. That being said, listening to lectures in public spaces – or even tuning out environmental noise by listening to some music – requires a good pair of headphones. Get some noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones to really make an online student happy.


Some Comfy ClothesSome Comfy Clothes
Warm socks, cashmere lounge pants, and even a Snuggie would be highly appreciated by anyone who puts in long hours sitting at a desk. Hunkering down to write a 20-page paper or to study a semester’s worth of material means you have to get comfortable!


GrazeHealthy Snacks
There are plenty of healthy snack subscriptions out there, like Graze or NatureBox, which mean that you can make sure your loved one is fueling up properly without having to leave the house. If you’re more of a DIY kind of person, fill your own box with beef jerky, granola bars, mixed nuts, dried fruits, and anything else your heart desires and deliver it yourself.


Pilot-G2Nice Pens
Good pens are highly underrated. They make note-taking a lot more enjoyable, and your handwriting a lot more legible. That said, most students won’t splurge on the good stuff for themselves. The Pilot G2 is a favorite among students, but any smooth-writing pen will do the trick. If you’re feeling generous, get some retractable highlighters, too!


David's TeaGood Tea or Coffee
Every student likes a hot, caffeinated drink during study season (unless your student is more of an energy drink aficionado, in which case, find out their brand!). David’s Tea has a lot of delicious flavors that are widely-loved by college students, or you could splurge and get them that fancy local coffee. Even gift cards to their local café would be highly appreciated.


bath bombSome Gifts for Relaxation
When you’re finished homework for the night or the semester, there’s nothing better than a little time to unwind. Nice hand cream, bath bombs, candles, or even a bottle of whisky can do the trick in rewarding your college student for all their hard work.