Cornell and Fortune Become the Online Business Education Dream Team

Cornell and FortuneTwo of the biggest names in the game, Cornell and Fortune, have recently announced their partnership in creating an online business education program: “Mastering 21st Century Business Strategy.”

This six-course program allows students, which can be completed totally online in 18 weeks, awards its students with a certificate in business strategy from Cornell. The courses cover a range of relevant topics, from competitive advantage and profitability, to mergers and acquisitions strategy, all in the context of the modern world. Course content also consists of a number of Fortune resources and information from the journalists of the major publication.

The pairing of Fortune with Cornell – or, rather, Cornell’s e-school, called eCornell – is designed to leverage the business leaders, editorial resources, and decades of experience of Fortune and pair it with Cornell’s notoriously prestigious education structures. If you’re worried about taking courses online, don’t – these courses will be taught by some of Cornell’s most noteworthy instructors and offer the same world-class resources that on-campus students receive. Plus, online college certificates and degrees are currently on the rise: the New York Times and Teen Vogue, for example, recently began partnerships to offer online courses of their own, and millions in funding go toward online degree programs daily.

So what are the benefits of this certificate? Those who are already in the field of business or marketing can boost both their credibility and performance by having an Ivy League certificate in a specialization that not many business graduates possess. What with the marketing, sales, and management landscape changing so rapidly and dramatically due to technology, having a certification in Mastering 21st Century Business Strategy can really give an employee or job candidate a leg up on the competition. Plus, the educational setting provides a zoomed-out view of current business trends and events, recent and relevant case studies, and a better understanding of the current business landscape. The flexible structure of an online program and the relatively short amount of time required to complete it make it perfect for any individual looking to advance their career.

The total tuition for this certificate is $3,600, and students can reserve a spot today or visit the website to get a better look at the syllabus.