Newegg Opens Online Store Geared Toward College Students

Newegg_Logo_updatedNewegg is known far and wide as a reputable electronic retailer, one that frequently offers deals on things like laptops and Bluetooth speakers. Now, the online retailer has stepped up its competitive game by launching a student-only online store, which offers exclusive discounts and student-only pricing. Newegg hopes to snatch up more of the millennial market share with this effort.

The company has been ranked #17 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide, and this new effort to offer a discount to anyone with an .edu e-mail address is part of a campaign to boost its popularity even further. Also part of the campaign: only students can get $20 off Newegg Premier, a membership similar to Amazon Prime which offers special deals, free expedited shipping, and better customer service. The membership’s standard price is $49.99/year.

Chief marketing officer Soren Mills has said that everyone knows students are on tight budgets. The so-called BACK2SCHOOL initiative is meant to benefit students, allowing them to get the tech supplies they need to further their education while ensuring that they’re making sound investments. Since the company is well-known for its low prices, comprehensive product comparisons, easy-to-consume product details, and customer reviews, students can save money and make wise buying decisions so that their purchases will fit their lifestyles and last throughout their college careers. Students can enjoy special discounts on monitors, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, headphones, and even smaller devices such as flash drives and office chairs. A quick subscription to the student e-mail newsletter will keep students posted on the deals of the day.

As it stands, according to data, 16.8% of Newegg’s customers are currently under the age of 24. 63.78% of these customers are male. Their sales via mobile devices are spiking, showing a 54% growth year-over-year in 2014. However, in general, sales have plateaued for Newegg over the past four years, and this effort will likely benefit the e-retailer as much as it benefits college students searching for a deal.