Five Fulfilling Careers you can Pursue by Going to School Online

Five Fulfilling CareersMaybe you’re a recent high-school graduate who has no interest in the traditional college experience. Maybe you’re a single mom who doesn’t want to spend even more time away from the kids. Maybe you’re a go-getter in a time-consuming career and you want to further your options without compromising your work hours. You can be all of these things and still go through the motions necessary to get an education-required, fulfilling career – all thanks to the uprising of online colleges.

A lot of people are quick to write off online schooling, whether it’s because they don’t think employers will take their online degree seriously or because they think they don’t have time for school, whether it’s online or on-campus. Truth be told, degrees earned online are just as valuable to most employers as degrees earned on-campus, and the best part is that you get to make your own schedule. What’s most attractive about getting a degree online, though, is that once you’re finished, you can end up on a very lucrative and emotionally rewarding career path. Here are just a few to consider – try to picture yourself in one of these roles!

Market Research Analyst
Market research analysts make a median salary of $60,300. Impressive, right? And it’s a fun and interesting job, too; it’s like people-watching on hard mode. Learn to determine a target demographic’s preferences and shopping habits to better design and sell products, all by attending college online at a school like Daytona State College or Washington State University. With just an online bachelor’s degree in Market Research, you can gain some marketable skills and be on your way to a position with a high possibility for growth and advancement.

Computer Systems Analyst
Got a love for tech? It’s easy to see how studying Information Technology and taking online courses could easily go hand-in-hand. With a median salary of $79,680, the Computer Systems Analyst position is a lucrative one, and is fulfilling for anyone who is passionate about tech but also wants to have a client-facing position. Analysts act as a liaison between the IT team and a client to make sure a project moves along smoothly, and in most cases, it requires only a bachelor’s degree – one which could easily be earned online.

Nurse Practitioner
Nursing school is an extremely popular career path due to the fact that nurses are always in high demand. The healthcare business will never go out of practice, and a lot of people like to throw that job security into the mix when seeking out a job that allows them to help people. The median salary for a nurse practitioner is $89,960, though you do need a master’s or a doctorate’s in many cases to climb the latter to this point. Luckily, though, this can all be done online and the job security and high employment rates make it worth it.

Public Relations Specialist
Not all lucrative fields require a science-oriented mind. PR representatives make a decent salary – a median of $54,170 – and get to let their creative colors show. Because being in PR requires great communication and writing skills, it’s not for everyone (but what job is?). You can hone your skills and find out if you really have a knack for it by getting your bachelor’s or master’s online at schools like Penn State and Pace University. Plus, the industry is expected to grow a lot in the next five years.

Speech Pathologist
If you like the idea of helping others, but don’t see yourself in nursing, what about becoming a speech pathologist? In many cases, you’ll get to work with children, and in all cases, you’ll get to help clients overcome their speech issues – it’s a very rewarding field. It boasts a median salary of $69,870, but it’s best if students get their online master’s degrees if they want to remain competitive.