Suggested Summer Reading: Will College Pay Off?

will college pay offIf there’s one question that plagues the minds of millennials, it’s the question of whether the debt they’re accruing – or even just the money they’ve already spent – is going to pay off once they’re out in the real world, diploma in hand. This question is even more troubling because it has no black-and-white answer. However, an understanding of how to use your education – something that’s quite rare among graduates, to be honest – can make you feel better about your investment.

That’s why Peter Cappelli wrote Will College Pay Off?: A Guide to the Most Important Financial Decision you’ll Ever Make. If graduation day is rapidly approaching for you, it might be worth giving this fairly short book a place on your summer reading list.

Peter Cappelli is a renowned expert in employment trends and education. While your parents’ sage wisdom and some article you read on Facebook might make you feel comforted, their advice isn’t backed up by hard facts and years of experience with the ways that the workforce interacts with education. Education and the workforce are Cappelli’s livelihood, and he’s got a lot of good information, which he shares in this 224-page guide (come on, you can read that in a few days).

Among the topics he examines in this book are: how education can help you get a job that will actually help you repay that education, even in a fickle market; how today’s ‘hot jobs’ very well might be tomorrow’s dead industries; and when it’s worth to pay more for a top-tier school versus when it isn’t. You’ve got the perspective of a student, and maybe a parent, but you don’t have the perspective of an employer – much less hundreds of employers. In order to make yourself an eligible candidate for a good job in your field, you have to know what these employers want and what you’re up against. If they want top-tier education, your investment will pay off; if they want a master’s degree, it might be worth pursuing one. Either way, Cappelli researched all of these things to give you hard evidence and perspectives that will help your college pay off.

College is a massive expense, and you’re not the only person on earth dragging debt around like old relationship baggage. It’s kind of like a yacht – you only should buy it if you know how to use it. If you don’t, it could become more of a burden (and, realistically, education debt does bankrupt families). In order to know whether college will pay off for you, you have to know that reading this book will.