Chegg now Helps Post-Grads Too!

Chegglogosv21School’s out for summer, and while that may be exciting for those who are still in college, it’s a bit nerve-wracking for graduates. Degree in-hand, it’s time to find a job, and Chegg is here to help.

Undergrads have long praised the services of Chegg, a company that is based in Santa Clara, California and allows students to rent their textbooks rather than spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing them. Well, students who have used the company to save money throughout their undergrad careers can continue their relationship. As of recently, Chegg has partnered up with InsideTrack, a team of success specialists, to create yet another subscription service: one that pairs job specialists with college graduates to help them gain employment.

The class of 2015 has been shown to have the highest amount of debt ever recorded. 71% of these recent grads are taking loans with them – indebted $35,000 on average. Pair that with the fact that employers have recently shown, in a study, to think only 11% of graduates are fully prepared for careers, and perhaps you can see why those newly bestowed with degrees have also gained a new sense of anxiety.

That’s why Chegg has decided to take its 15 million student user base and get them in touch with InsideTrack’s 250 job coaches. For less than $20 per month, recent grads can get help searching for jobs and access training materials. For a $44.95/month subscription, these top-tier subscribers can have unlimited communication with a job search coach.

“We’re about unlocking the value of the education they’ve received,” says Pete Wheelan, the CEO of InsideTrack. After all, more than half of students admit they have little to no experience writing resumes and cover letters and aren’t sure where to begin with their job searches. “We want to provide ways for them to save time, save money, and get smarter when it comes to finding a job.

Chegg had already been hosting more than 200,000 job listings on its website as of last year, and the company also purchased an online tutoring company. Needless to say, the well-known education company has already had its sights set on expanding the ways it can benefit students. Now, since partnering with InsideTrack, there’s actual job search counseling that adds a human element that makes the challenging – and rather intimidating – employment outlook and debt seem more easily navigable. It provides the on-demand access that students are used to with real-life skills that will benefit them for life.