The Best Places to Enjoy your Summer Reading

The Best Places to Enjoy your Summer ReadingPerhaps you’re the type who looks forward to summer because you finally have the time to dive into your reading list. Or, maybe you’re taking summer courses and reading for necessity. We all know that it’s tough to beat reading by the fire with some apple cider on a fall day, but summer has plenty of reading relaxation to offer, too! If you want to make your summer reading even more pleasurable, here’s where you should go.

If it’s thunderstorming…read on the porch.
With the humidity of summer comes thunderstorms, and thunderstorms provide some of the earth’s most relaxing sounds. If you’ve got a covered porch, this is the best place to take in a book and the relaxing smells and sounds of the storm. If not, put your comfy chair by an open window to get the best effect.

If it’s not too hot…read in the grass.
Pack up your blanket, a bottle of water, and some snacks, and head down to your local park. There are few things in life more enjoyable than lying on a blanket in the grass on a beautiful day, so long as it isn’t too hot. This is a great way to feel like you’re not letting the summer weather go to waste without having to do something incredibly active if you aren’t in the mood.

If you’re on vacation…read in a hammock.
Whether you’re Oceanside or in the mountains, you need to soak up that view. Hammocks are incredibly comfortable and allow you to sit in the perfect reading posture. Sway to and fro as you get swept up in the world of a book (or study, if that’s what’s necessary).

If the sun is beating down…read by the pool.
A lemonade in one hand and a book in the other – recline in that chair, put on your bathing suit, and enjoy a book. If it starts to get too hot, you can pause for a quick dip, or you can read while you dip your feet. Don’t forget the sunscreen, or better yet, a nice, shady umbrella.

If you’re suffering mosquito bites…read in the bathtub.
Not all aspects of summer are as lovely as the weather, you can’t deny that. If you’ve spent a long day getting chewed alive by mosquitoes, you’re probably finding it hard to delve into a book when all you can focus on is the itch. A nice, warm bath with some oatmeal will help to soothe your skin, and having a book on hand means you could soak for hours.

If you need to cool off…read at the library.
Maybe your AC is broken, or maybe you just want to go someplace cool and quiet. What better place to visit than the library? It’s quiet and they’re blasting the air conditioning, but there are also big, sunny windows to sit near. Cozy up in a chair and enjoy.