Looking on the Bright Side: The Best Things about Finals Week

As the spring semester comes to a close, some students may feel that all the studying and packing to go home is driving them a little bit crazy. This means there can be temptation to procrastinate:

It doesn’t all have to be bad, though – finals week has a lot of silver linings, and procrastinating will only make it worse. Here are some reasons to power through.

You have an excuse to wear sweatpants all week.
There are no full-length classes and you’re spending most of your time cramming. No one expects you to look your best. Take advantage of it! Spend finals week in your comfiest clothes, and kick off the summer without a care.


You can reward yourself with a Netflix binge.
You’ve sacrificed your social life to pass your classes. That warrants a reward, right? As soon as your finals are over, you can finally catch up on all those Netflix shows you’ve been meaning to watch, because you’ve earned it. Having that to look forward to is one of the best things about finals week.

At least the weather is nice!
Finals week in spring is way better than finals week in the winter. You can open the windows or study outside, as opposed to being cooped up in your dorm with dry skin and a cold.


No nap is as sweet as the post-exam nap.
Although it doesn’t take much physical exertion to take an exam, it does take mental exertion, and that calls for a nap between classes. And that nap will be the most satisfying nap of your life.

This is the one week you don’t have to feel guilty about skipping the gym.
You feel guilty about skipping the gym 51 weeks of the year, but this week you get a free pass (even if you don’t usually go anyway). You can’t do everything at once, so go easy on yourself. And, hey, same goes for your diet. Sometimes, only a little sugar can get you through an all-nighter.

After finals comes summer!
Sure, you’ve got to make it through this last sprint, but once you make it through, it’s all downhill. You wouldn’t want to ruin that nice, easy summer all for a few days’ worth of procrastination, would you?