Top Military Friendly Online Colleges

Military Friendly Online CollegesThanks to online college courses — or, as some like to call it, ‘distance learning,’ — it has now become possible to earn a college degree whether you can make it to the classroom or not. This means that more and more members of the military are able to earn degrees no matter where they’re stationed or how far their jobs take them. For this reason, most online colleges would be considered ‘military friendly,’ but there are a few in particular that go above and beyond for their enlisted students. Here are some of our top picks and an outline of their military benefits.

Bellevue University
Bellevue University caters specifically to its military students who are taking classes online through its Military Veterans Service Center. The staff at this center are available via Skype, instant messaging, and social media to answer questions and provide guidance whenever necessary. Bellevue also has a B.U.M.P. (Bellevue University Mentor Protege) program which is specifically put in place for its military students. This program is modeled after the ‘fireteams,’ small units of the infantry, in which the student is put into a group with a mentor protege and a BU graduate. The university also provides experiential learning credits and a discount to military students.

Grantham University

Since Grantham University was founded by a veteran of WWII, it’s only natural that it would offer exceptional opportunities to its military students. The school accepts awards credit for military work training and experience, allowing students to combine their education and their military experience. It also offers multiple scholarships to military students to help pay tuition costs. There are plenty of online resources for distance learning students, and Grantham keeps an up-to-date military blog as well.

University of Colorado
The staff at University of Colorado – Boulder are specifically trained to work with military students in a way that meets their needs. Being that the school has an ROTC program and an online chapter of Student Veterans of America, it’s easy to see why people consider this school to be so military-friendly. Military veterans, active duty service members, and their dependents are all eligible to receive scholarships as well, and the school also does offer course credits for military training.

St. Petersburg College
Not only does St. Petersburg has an online chapter of Student Veterans of America, but it also specifically caters to its online students by offering online tutoring and trains its staff with the needs of military students in mind. Active duty service members who are stationed in Florida or who have formerly lived in Florida are eligible for discounted tuition, and the school also offers a Veteran Tuition Waiver to honorably discharged veterans who do not qualify for residency. Multiple military-focused scholarships are available through the college.