Online Degree Spotlight: Fashion Merchandising

Online Degree Spotlight  Fashion MerchandisingArt comes in many forms – visual, auditory, performance…and even art that can be worn. Those who have a love for fashion are artists in their own rite, and although some may try to tell you that your passion for spending money on clothes doesn’t exactly translate into making a living, that’s simply not true.

The field of fashion merchandising is fast-paced, ever-changing, and demanding of a knowledge of what’s on-trend. Best of all, a degree in the field can be acquired online. For this week’s degree spotlight, let’s go inside the field of fashion merchandising.

Potential Careers
Believe it or not, there are a lot of potential careers for someone who graduates with a fashion merchandising degree. You can become a consumer analyst who looks at consumer trends to decide what’s profitable – or predict what will be profitable – for manufacturers. You can be a buyer who chooses which items will be sold in department stores. You can even design or supervise the design of floor and window displays.

What it Takes
To acquire an online degree in fashion merchandising, you’ll need more than just a penchant for shopping. You need to be a good communicator and critical thinker, to be willing to put in the work to stay current, and to be technologically adept. Studying online means you can learn at your own pace, but once you’re in the field, your pace will be dictated by retailers, designers, manufacturers, and your colleagues.

Courses of Study
Studying fashion merchandising means you get a very well-rounded education. Not every course is about fashion trends – you’ll need to complete courses on retail management, visual merchandising, advertising, and event planning as well. Earning the degree also requires having a foundation of general courses, such as public speaking and art history, so graduates complete the program with a deep understanding of art as well as retail management and business technology.

Earning Expectations
Let’s delve into the topic everyone wants to learn more about: earning potential. As with any field, experience and specialization will be big determining factors for salary. However, retail buyers average between $36,000 and $65,000 per year, while buying managers averaged $69,000 to $118,000. Promotions managers had an average salary of $83,000. These tidbits can provide an idea about the industry’s potential.

There are many more potential career paths – such as personal styling and sales – that a person with a degree in fashion merchandising can pursue. However, this is a good sneak peek if you’re wondering what doors a love for fashion and some online college courses could open up for you.