What to Bring for a Long Library Study Sesh

What to Bring for a Long Library Study SeshWe’ve all been there: it’s the day before the exam and you’re feeling overwhelmingly unprepared. The usual prescription: a long, long study session in the library (or quiet area of choice). The last thing you need is to be distracted because you’re stranded without something you wish you brought. So, while you’ve probably got a checklist of study material necessities – like textbooks and notebooks – here are a few other things you might want to toss in your bag.

Energy Boosts
There’s nothing worse than getting sleepy in the middle of reviewing a lesson, so it’s important to plan ahead. Munching on something packed with protein and carbs can wake you up a bit, so consider bringing some crackers with peanut butter or some homemade granola. If you’d like to go the caffeine route, cans of energy drinks or bottles of prepared iced coffee drinks might be just what you need!

…for your Electronics, Too
Don’t forget the chargers for your phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever else you bring. Your session won’t be very effective without them.

Sound Distraction
When the guy next to you in the library starts snoring or a nearby study group starts talking over one another, you need to drown out the sound. Come equipped with some good headphones and your playlist of choice, whether it’s a string of nature sound videos on YouTube or some classical music.

Your Favorite Sweater
When your place of study gets a bit chilly, it can be hard to focus. Plus, it’s best to be comfortable if you’re hunkering down for multiple hours. Bring your favorite sweater or sweatshirt for when the going gets tough and you want to cozy up.

If the heat is blaring and you’re sipping on caffeine, you can get dehydrated very quickly. The dry mouth, itchy skin, and fatigue aren’t ideal, so it’s important to keep plenty of water nearby to combat that. To combat the dry, indoor air, bring some lip balm and hand lotion as well.

A Game Plan
Even if you don’t use a planner throughout the year, they can be really useful for organizing your plan for attacking the materials you need to remember. In your planner or any old notebook, make a checklist of what you want and need to cover, what pages of the textbook they’re on, et cetera. This will help you to stay on track and remained focus, making your study session more effective.