The 5 Best Colleges for Ski Bums

Many college students decide where to go to school based on the location and accompanying climate. While lots of students prefer a place where they can do their studying with their toes in the sand, plenty are drawn to the complete opposite: the slopes. For those of you who see some fresh powder and can’t wait to gear up for a skiing or snowboarding trip, these schools might fit the bill of what you’re looking for.  Check out the 5 best colleges for ski bums in the United States!


Montana State University

Montana State University
Not many people dream of living in Montana – after all, the entire state of Montana’s population is eight times smaller than the population in NYC alone. Those that do visit this mountainous state, however, know that it’s a dream come true for ski bums. MSU is located in Bozeman, a town that’s known far and wide for its world-class slopes. It’s right in the middle of the Bridger Bowl and the Moonlight Basin, but if you’re adventurous, you could just kite ski across campus.



University of Colorado-Boulder
CU-Boulder is also home to some of our nation’s best slopes such as Eldora Mountain, Vail, and Beaver Creek. That said, this school takes it up a notch with its national championship-winning, incredible ski team, which has produced many professional American skiers. The school provides some of the best equipment available for its athletes to practice with, making it a ski-head’s dream come true.



University of Vermont
There’s just as many ski schools on the East Coast as there are out west, and UV is the perfect example. Students at this school are so enthusiastic about snow sports that those who aren’t might even be a bit out of place. The campus offers snowshoe and ski rentals and is nestled between Killington Mountain Resort, Smuggler’s Notch, and Mad River Glen, which has some notorious off-trail spots to explore. UV’s ski team is extremely competitive as well.



College of the Rockies
The name alone elicits thoughts of snowcapped mountains and sweet, sweet trails, though you wouldn’t expect any less of a school that’s located in British Columbia. It’s a smaller community college but it packs a big punch – students are welcome to major in Adventure Tourism or take classes such as Avalanche Skills Training. Not only are these a great way to make you a better skier, but they’ll help boost your knowledge in the sport and traveling to enjoy it, too.



Plymouth State University
At PSU, skiing is so well-loved, it warrants its own holiday. That’s right – the administrators grant students a day off to go hit the slopes in the midst of winter, although the school gets enough snow that snow days are fairly regular, anyway. On top of that, free lift tickets are offered to students by different mountains each year, so you’ll get to try out all the hottest trails during your college career. The Tenney, Waterville, Loon, and Ragged Mountains are also within an hours’ drive of this unbeatable ski school.