Achievable and Practical New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

187567568Let’s be honest, keeping New Year’s resolutions is pretty hit or miss. If one year you really do lose that ten pounds before June, the next year you’re bound to forget your fitness goals by January 5th. That being said, time you spend bettering yourself (even if it only lasts few days…or don’t do anything past just thinking about it) is not wasted time, so it’s worth at least attempting to set resolutions. They help you get a clear idea of what things you’d like to improve about yourself so that maybe the motivation will strike you now, or maybe it will down the road.

As a college student, you don’t need your resolution to be anything massive – it’s all about baby steps! Here are some to consider that are within reach but will benefit you in the long run.

Cut Back on Time Spent on Social Media
College students are the most prone to using social media too often, but they’re also the most prone to being affected by its detriments. If you find that Facebook is distracting you from studying or Instagram is making you unsatisfied with your appearance, maybe it’s time to unplug every now and then. Cut yourself back to only checking each profile once per day or turn off notifications on your phone so that you’re not getting them all the time – it’s a great way to focus on your education and other things that really matter this New Year. You’ll thank yourself once you graduate and there’s less for potential employers to dig up about you.

Less Junk, More Water, More Energy.
Do you have the tendency to cook up some ramen noodles at 1am when you’re not even hungry, or drink a couple extra beers throughout the week that you could probably go without? All that junk is adding to your spare tire, but more importantly, it’s probably making you lethargic. Try to get a more balanced diet by including a fruit or vegetable with every meal and exchanging some of your beer consumption for water. You’ll likely slim down and find that you’re more focused in class.

Make Small Financial Cutbacks.
If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have a meal plan but still stops at Starbucks before class, or you order out just because you’re too lazy to cook, making small cutbacks could be a good resolution. Just by making home-cooked coffee and meals, you could be adding several hundred dollars to your savings account per semester – and you’ll find that this was a good decision once you graduate and student loans start rolling in.

Read More.
Want to be a better student? Enhance your vocabulary and round out your knowledge by setting a goal to read more this year. Make it a book a month – or, just resolve to do all your assigned reading from class instead of phoning it in.