Schools that Avoid the Winter Freeze

478243029As we ease into winter, some of us take great joy in knowing that snowfall is impending and it’s time to break out the electric blankets. Others, however, are not too keen on the colder temperatures, scraping ice off their cars every morning, and shivering beneath layers of wool.

If you’re the type who simply doesn’t enjoy the cold and are dreaming of somewhere more tropical this holiday season, maybe going away to college is the perfect opportunity for you to live out your dream. To help you daydream, here are a few of our favorite US schools with great weather.

University of Hawai’i
Do you daydream of clear waters, palm trees, lots of sun, and warm rain showers? Perhaps you haven’t considered flying yourself out to the University of Hawai’I, which is located on the main island in Manoa. Not only is it a great school, but it’s unique in that you can hike, boat, and visit observatories while enjoying the scenery of steep cliffs, volcanoes, and beautiful oceans. Lucky for you, it averages a balmy 66 degrees in the coldest months.

University of Southern California
It’s no surprise that SoCal would make it onto this list. Not only is USC notorious for its competitive athletics, its students also get to enjoy the 50-degree winters and relatively mild summers, which average around 77 degrees. The area experiences about 284 sunny days a year! The school is great for surfers due to its proximity to a number of different beaches, but it also has a notable arts program which allows students to present their work in dramas, jazz performances, symphonies, and operas at five local theaters.

Pepperdine University
Being that it’s located in Malibu, you can probably picture what a typical day at Pepperdine University looks like with a decent amount of accuracy. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has the pristine campus to match the scenery. Pepperdine is the perfect school for anyone who gets the winter blues but is also academically inclined; it frequently tops lists for its competitive and stringent academic programs. It’s also located not too far from Malibu Creek State Park, where students can enjoy horseback riding, biking, and camping.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
You don’t have to live on a coast to enjoy beautiful weather, and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas is proof of that. The Mojave Desert offers short, mild winters and hot, dry summers. You might assume that a school in Las Vegas is just as glitzy and nightlife-oriented as the city itself, but there’s actually plenty to do for students who enjoy the warmth and outdoors. Golf is big in this area, and so is boating, water skiing, rock climbing, and other adventure activities.

Georgia Southern University
If you’re looking for a school that still sees seasonal changes, but not extreme ones, this might be the school for you. Temps do drop in the winter – bottoming out around 38 degrees – but it doesn’t often snow and there are about 212 sunny days per year. It’s a great school for students who love wildlife, as it’s home for an 18-acre Center for Wildlife Education that allows students to witness a variety of birds in their natural habitats. There are also plenty of local trails, botanical gardens, and recreational centers where students can enjoy outdoor activities.