5 Classes to Take Before you Graduate (Regardless of Major)

200309684-001When you’re in college, a lot of the schedule-planning revolves around what you need for your major. That’s obviously completely necessary – otherwise, you can’t graduate – but you’re going to have a lot of other requirements that need to be filled and you might even be left with some extra time for random classes. Don’t just take any old math course to fill that Quantitative Reasoning requirement, and don’t miss the opportunity to take useful classes during your last semester even if you only need one more course to graduate. There are a few classes that are useful for any major because they make you much more hireable and able to demonstrate a larger skill set.

A Class on Finance
A lot of times, finance classes will help you to fill out those math requirements that are necessary to complete a major in any field. Finance courses, you’ll find, are useful both in your personal life and in nearly any career. It never hurts to have a little bit of money managing experience so that your manager finds you to be a bit more trustworthy. Even if finances don’t come into play in your career, you can still learn how to budget for yourself, invest, save, and more.

A Class on Culture, Diversity, and/or Minorities
Being sensitive to social issues is an incredibly useful component for building character. It’s likely that you’ll live in a multicultural world and work with all kinds of people, and being sensitive to the different challenges they face is important when it comes to building leadership skills. On the other hand, you can also take classes that pertain to your own demographic to better understand the history behind your practices and how to use diversity to your advantage.

A Class on Project Management
Even though your title may not be “project manager” when you break into your career field, it’s good to develop the skills required to become one. Project managers need to be organized, hands-on, efficient with time, and unbiased. These skills and traits, once developed, make for a good leader in the making, which is ideal for getting ahead in work and in life.

ECF Blog ConversionA Class on Tech
Unless you’re incredibly computer savvy (or studying computer science), you could most likely use a class on current technology – even if its Computers 101. In today’s world, you’re more than likely going to need to do the majority of your work on a computer, and a lot of companies give computer literacy exams before hiring. There’s always more to learn considering how quickly technology is advancing.

A Class on Writing
Again, you’re probably going to have a writing requirement to fill, so it’s important to fill it wisely. Classes that teach you to write argumentatively are ideal if you’re going to be working in law, and creative fiction courses are great for students who don’t have the best grasp on the English language and the associated grammar. Knowing how to put together sentences, write in different tones, and properly punctuate will help you to write an effective resume and better communicate in written form.